About Suzanne F. Stevens

Suzanne F. Stevens is the Chief Edge Optimizer of the Ignite Excellence Inc. group of Initiatives, and the producer of the Wisdom Exchange TV. Her mantra is, “We all perform our best at the edge of our comfort zone.” Her goal is to assist people to push the edge of their personal and professional potential from backpack (everyday living), to briefcase (business success), to boardroom (engaging many).

Suzanne draws on here passion for understanding people and their perspective when she has a conversation with the African women leaders of today. Some of her experiences include:

  • She has extensively travelled to over 40 countries and counting, often alone, and often taking the-road-less-travelled.
  • She is an entrepreneur who has launched and run a successful international training company in influential communications.
  • She has 24 successful years of professional sales experience.
  • She has led her team through toughest economic climate of this century.
  • Her proudest accomplishment is her creation of the Ignite Excellence Foundation in 2007, focusing on investing, inspiring developing women leaders in emerging countries.

As a Speaker, Trainer, and Coach, not to mention a life living on the edge, is where Suzanne draws on her experience to have inspiring conversation with the African women leaders of today for tomorrow.

The host – Suzanne brings an interesting perspective to her new role as the Host of the Wisdom Exchange TV. She draws from her diverse business background, international travels, and her genuine deep interest in understanding another person’s journey, perspective and achievements. She is committed to the development of women leadership in Africa. She is producing the Wisdom Exchange TV so African women will inspire, educate and help each other develop the future women leaders of Africa. Women will hear the inspiration, motivation, and aspiration of their fellow citizens.

Suzanne’s hope is that the listeners, and readers will gain more confidence and commitment to pursue their potential.

Suzanne and her husband, Michael K. Gingerich, will be travelling through Africa in search of women who lead in business, philanthropy, politics and education. Their voices need to be heard.

The Speaker – Suzanne F. Stevens as a Speaker, Trainer & Coach – Suzanne is a Relevant, Engaging, Dynamic speaker whose down-to-earth approach brings the audience to the front row. Her Keynotes include:

  • Explore your Edgeness, The intersection of discovery & potential
  • From Problems to Possibilities, making a sustainable mind shift
  • Power Your Personal Potential, The 5 ingredients to achieve any objective
  • Present like a Lady Leader, Presenting techniques to move individuals to action

The coach – Suzanne will be the conduit to you realizing your personal and professional potential.  
The Philanthropist – Suzanne F. Stevens is the founder of the Ignite Excellence Foundation (advised by Tides Canada – Charity number: BN 86894 7797RR0001).  The mission of the foundation is Leadership, Advocacy and Education; the vision is to Invest, Inspire and Develop women leaders of today for tomorrow. The foundation does this through empowering women to present their messages with confidence, providing scholarships for post-graduate education, investing in bricks and mortar, and raising funds and sponsorship for women leadership initiatives in developing countries. The foundation also supports Frontier College, a foundation promoting Canadian Literacy. 

The Fundraiser – Suzanne will be actively soliciting sponsorship for African Business Women Connected summit. The summit’s objective is to enhance economic performance on the African continent in the three largest export sectors for women: craft/textiles, agribusiness, services.

ABW intends to unite leading companies, leading associations, leading students and leading African business women from ALL 53 COUNTRIES in Africa to each other, to the latest technology tools and trends and to African and Global buyers to drive significant growth in their sectors.

The Conference Producer – Suzanne hosted the first Ignite Excellence conference in 2010. This initiative brought Canadian women together from across Canada to hear some of the top Canadian women speakers. All the proceeds were donated to help build a women’s leadership Centre in Nairobi. Suzanne will also be co-producing the Africa Business Women Summit – a pioneering event that will bring women together from all 53 African countries.

The Entrepreneur – President & Founder of Ignite Excellence Inc., a leadership and sales development company specializing in influential communication. We help our client influencedifferentiate, and engage more people, and more business.

As an Explorer, Writer, Photographer & Spouse – Suzanne and her husband, Michael K. Gingerich, have embarked on an incredible journey they call ‘Mission Africa.’ Their mandate is to celebrate all that is good in Africa. They will focus on the beauty and possibilities of Africa for the world stage to appreciate. They are writing blogs from both of their perspectives and creating a photo journal depicting Africa through the lens of opportunity. Together they are on a journey of you, me and we. The possibilities are endless.

This fourteen-month journey will commence in March 2011 starting in Kenya, Ethiopia and South Africa.  For the first half of their stay they will spend five to six weeks in each of the five regions of Africa. Much of this time will be dedicated to conducting interview for the Wisdom Exchange, raising funds for the Ignite Excellence Foundation, and Africa Business Women Summit. Join them on their journey.