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Empower Women in Africa

Wisdom Exchange tv is an educational resource to aid African women to learn, lead and succeed in life, business, and community. It is a forum where women of all disciplines will be inspired from the achievements of African women, trailblazers, pioneers and leaders of many, in business, education, philanthropy and politics. These are the women that are the Change Agents of African companies, communities, countries and continent. They will inspire us to stretch our vision of what we can do, and what WE can be. Strategies and tactics will be shared as each woman imparts ‘HOW TO’ insights in her area of expertise. Leadership lessons from the front lines will also provide an opportunity for peers and future leaders to learn on what to avoid and what to do.  This is not a profile site, but an education resource where African women lead the way for other Africans.

New interviews and Expert Perspective blogs will be updated regularly with the insights of the women leaders of today for tomorrow.

The site focuses on interviewing African Women so they can provide insight to other African Women, however, we have a special segment called Ripple Effect which highlights international women create a positive ripple effect in Africa, particularly for women and children. These international women  donate time, money and expertise to right the injustices of women and children’s circumstances.

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The information is provided in video, audio and written format to accommodate diverse technology capabilities.



Women Leaders of Tomorrow


The Wisdom Exchange mission is to invest in, inspire and develop the African women leaders of today for tomorrow. If more women obtain a higher education, it will have a positive rippling effect to the family, business and communities. Women’s insight, perspective and determination is what makes an investment in a their education a way of circumventing the social injustices while promoting their gifts for the community, country and continent to appreciate.

Working Together to Expand Possibilities

The Wisdom Exchange TV not only shares African women’s insights and leadership strategies, but it is an opportunity for people outside the continent to see the realm of investment, business and leadership possibilities that exist in Africa. Africa is a place of strength, and although each country is unique, each country has unique possibilities.

Creating a Ripple Effect — an Extension of ABW Connected Summit

Wisdom Exchange is an initiative to support one of Africa Business Women Connected Summit’s primary goals – to share insight, unite and further education women business leaders.  Platinum sponsors of the abw connected will be featured on Wisdom Exchange website.

The Guests on Wisdom Exchange

The ideal guest on Wisdom Exchange TV is an African Woman who has demonstrated leadership in business, education, politics or philanthropy. This woman will have had a positive Influence on others or have distinguished herself in her career. Women all over Africa who have accomplished great things despite different circumstances will be interviewed. As a leader they have had an affect either on their community, country or continent.

The Host

Suzanne F. Stevens has created the Wisdom Exchange TV so African women will inspire, educate and help each other develop the future women leaders of Africa. Suzanne’s hope is the listeners and readers will be inspired by their fellow citizens, and gain more confidence and commitment in pursuing their potential.

Suzanne and her husband, Michael K. Gingerich, will be traveling through Africa in search of women who lead in business, philanthropy, politics and education. Their voices need to be heard.

Wisdom Exchange TV Interview Format

The Wisdom Exchange TV is one-hour weekly web TV show dedicated to showcasing African Women Leaders. The show’s intention is not just to profile African women leaders, but also to learn from African Women Leaders. The objective of the forum is for African women to provide insight into their circumstances, achievements and the wisdom that they have accumulated in achieving their accomplishments.

The one- hour interview will focus on how to overcome obstacles, how to create opportunities and how to implement strategies to reach your potential. Each woman will provide perspective through the lens of her circumstances, her industry and her country and region. This is what makes the Wisdom Exchange so unique, as each guest will have a distinct perspective. No matter where the viewer/listener lives, no matter what they do, they will be able to take insights and inspiration from the interview to apply to their situation and create their own possibilities.

Wisdom Exchange TV Features & Functions

Each guest will be captured via video and audio. The highlights of key guest learnings will also be written below the video for individuals with limited Internet bandwidth.

Each guest will have their own page on the Wisdom Exchange TV website. The information on each page will include:

  • Their role (business, educational, political or philanthropic leader)
  • Their country of residence
  • Their area of expertise
  • Interview date
  • Words of Wisdom
  • A brief write-up on the guest
  • A video of their interview will be archived
  • A summation of the interview
  • A audio recording of the interview
  • A link to guest blog if available
  • Viewers, listeners and reads can subscribe to the show so they receive an invitation to upcoming interviews.

Sponsor or Advertise on the Wisdom Exchange TV

If you would like to have your brand in front of the change agents of Africa, inquire about the Wisdom Exchange TV website advertising and sponsorship opportunities:

  1. Become a Platinum Africa Business Women Connected Summit Sponsor. The summit is taking place in Ethiopia in 2012. Go to ‘About ABW‘. The link will provide more details of the summit and all the sponsorship opportunities.
  2. Advertise on the Wisdom Exchange TV website directly. This will provide you with a one-month logo placement on the Wisdom Exchange TV website. Multiple consecutive months are also available. Please fill out the form if you are interested in a quote or to discuss advertising on this site.

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