Guest Preparation Tips

The Wisdom Exchange TV is one‐hour weekly web TV dedicated to showcasing African Women Leaders.   A guest of Wisdom Exchange TV is an African Woman who has demonstrated leadership in business, education, politics or philanthropy. This woman will have had a positive Influence on others and/or have distinguished herself in her career.  Women all over Africa who have accomplished great things despite different circumstances will be interviewed. As a leader they have had an affect either on their community, country or continent.

The show is hosted by, Chief Edge Optimizer, Suzanne F. Stevens

Show format

The first 10 minutes of the show focuses on the achievements of the guest.  The remaining of the show will focus on how to overcome obstacles, how to create opportunities and how to implement strategies to reach the viewers potential. We will have special features including: ‘Words of Wisdom,’ ‘Leadership Lessons,’ and ‘Edgeness Insight.’ (Edgeness: an enhanced version of our self that is discovered when pushing the edge of our comfort zone). The viewer will be inspired by the concrete leadership techniques from different African women, from different cultures, with different perspectives and with different achievements. If the guest has an active blog, it will be syndicated on their exclusive page on Wisdom Exchange TV site.

A new show will be aired once a week.  Watch ‘Featured Exchanges’ listed on the home page for recent and future interviews. Each show will be recorded in guest’s local community. The show is posted on many of the video syndication and social media sites; archived episodes are available at Subscribers to the show can be notified of upcoming exchanges.

The Impact

Each guest will provide perspective through the lens of her circumstances, her industry and her country and region. This is what makes the Wisdom Exchange so unique, as each guest will have a distinct perspective. No matter where the viewer/listener lives, no matter what they do, they will be able to take insights and inspiration from the interview to apply to their situation and create their own possibilities.

Preparing for your appearance

While much information about you may be available on a personal or company website, it would be appreciated if you could send any pertinent information in form of a biography to Suzanne at If you have been the subject of a profile article, achieved something that is not well document, providing these to the host in advance of your appearance will make for a better exchange. In addition, if you would like to have Suzanne probe into a particular area that isn’t readily apparent, please let her know in advance.

About the host: Suzanne F. Stevens

The Show is hosted by Suzanne F. Stevens, an international inspirational speaker, living coach, entrepreneur, leadership conference producer, adventure traveler, photographer and philanthropist.

Suzanne is the President & Founder of Ignite Excellence Inc. a leadership and sales development company specializing in influential communications. She has created twelve holistic programs and several keynotes that build people’s skills to influence, differentiate and engage more people and more business. Over the last eight years her team has trained thousands of people on four continents. Many of her clients have been from the fortune 500 companies including industries such as mining, engineering, aerospace, manufacturing, finance, pharmaceutical, public relations, insurance, non-profit associations, government and technology.

Suzanne has written hundreds of articles and communications insights that are subscribed monthly.

Suzanne sits on the board of CAABWA (Canadian and African Business Women Alliance), and until recently has sat on the board of CAPS (Canadian Association of Professional Speakers – Toronto Chapter). She also belongs to TIAW- The International Alliance of Women, and Women Executive Network.

In 2007 Suzanne created the Ignite Excellence Foundation. The mission of the foundation is Leadership, Advocacy and Education; the vision is to Invest, Inspire and Develop African women leaders of today for tomorrow.

Suzanne is a Canadian citizen and has extensively travelled to over 40 countries and counting, often alone, and often taking the-road-less-travelled. She is embarking on a journey with her husband, Michael K Gingerich, through 2011/12  which they call Mission Africa. Their mandate is to celebrate all that is good in Africa. They will focus on the beauty and possibilities of Africa for the world stage to appreciate. They are writing blogs from both of their perspectives and creating a photo journal depicting Africa through the lens of opportunity.

Suzanne and her husband, Michael K. Gingerich, are the co-producers of Wisdom Exchange TV.  They have started the Ignite Excellence Group of Initiatives, which expands on the success of the Suzanne’s development company. The expanded initiatives incorporate the same rigger and intention of pushing the edge of your comfort zone to personal and professional potential.

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Suzanne F. Stevens can be reached by email