Beti Olive Kamya

Founder & President, Uganda Federal Alliance Party, Kampala, Uganda


Launch Date: October 4, 2011

Words of wisdom: "African women can change Africa. They need to know the power in their numbers. They need to unite. They are the main victims of hunger, conflict, and child birth. There is so much at stake."

Beti Olive Kamya - Founder, Uganda Federal Alliance, 2011 Presidential Candidate, Kampala, Uganda

Beti Olive Kamya is the first woman to form a political party in Uganda - Uganda Federal Alliance. It was registered as a political party in July 2010. Beti left her MP position of Lubaga North Constituency to pursue her belief that the political system needed to change. Uganda Federal Alliance focused its campaign on the need to change the system of government from a unitary to a federal system.

Beti Olive Kamya left her business career to go into po

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