Christine Asiko …

Founder & CEO Strive International, Kenya / UK

Education, Conscious Contributions

  • Expertise- DYSLEXIA - how to identify it.

    1. How to know if someone has it? 2. As a parent, how you can help? 3. As an individual, what can you do? 4. As a teacher, what to look for?

  • Conscious Contribution™ - Passing education laws

    How persistence and creativity can affect education reform. How to push your edge to be heard.

  • Leadership Lessons - Provide a platform for you, your daughter and others to thrive.

    Provide a platform for you, your daughter and others to thrive. Surround yourself with people who are different from you. Separate yourself emotio

Launch Date: March 20, 2015

Words of wisdom:“My sisters, I urge you to define yourselves. Think who you are and what your values are. How it affects you, your family and your community.”

Christine Asiko, Founder & CEO Strive International

Strive International (registered Charity No:1135439) aims to build awareness of DYSLEXIA in Africa and support discussion to increase the number of learners with specific learning difficulties succeeding in education. It also addresses issues that transform the perception and delivery of education and in so doing prevent the marginalization of students. Until July 2011, Christine was the Principal of Strive Consulting, a United Kingdom based consultancy, a United Kingdom based independent consultancy t

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