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Trembath, Jane

International Airline Captain

Jane Trembath Oct 17/14 First Female Pilot in South Africa and & Captain of the first female crew.


Chekrouni, Nouzha

Ambassador of the Kingdom of Morocco in Canada

March 8/14 Her Excellency Nouzha Chekrouni, Ambassador of the Kingdom of Morocco in Canada, Pioneer: 1st woman to be elected to the party’s regional political board (1999); 1st Arab woman named Vice President of IS; 1st woman with the title of Minister.


Whitehead, Gia

Sustainability Director/Founder of TSiBA Education (Tertiary School in Business Administration)

Dec 8/13 Gia Whitehead is the Sustainability Director/Founder of TSiBA Education, Gia was recognized as one of South Africa’s 100 Brightest Young Minds in 2002. Gia was also awarded Top Women Entrepreneur of the Year 2012 (Topco Media).


Gandhi, Ela

Founder, Gandhi Development Trust

Ela Gandhi Jan 11/13 Gandhi Development Trust, Start the year with Peace in your mind and heart.


to, Ladies Leading from Advise

African Leading Ladies Share their Words of Wisdom to a 10yr old daughter

Wisdom Exchange TV logo Dec 15/12 Leading Ladies share Words of Wisdom to their daughters. A Christmas gift to that keeps on giving. Special feature.


Freemantle, Sheila

Founder & Managing Director, Tintsaba - Master Weavers in Sisal

Nov 13/12 In loving memory - Founder & Managing Director Tintsaba, Master Weavers in Sisal. Swaziland. Relaunch. Sheila Freemantle leaves us on Oct 29, 2012. In Loving memory of a woman who has impacted so many peoples lives. Watch, Listen, Read, her inspiring words of wisdom of how to change the live of thousands with love. Help her legacy live! Words of Wisdom: "Know your strength and develop those strengths. Focus on the positive and let the negative wash by."


Aphane, Doo

Director, Women for Women Development Consultancy

Oct 30/12 A pioneering Human Rights Activist in Swaziland. Not to be missed interview if you want insight to women's realities as second-class citizens. Words of Wisdom: "We should not wait to be counted in. We should just count ourselves in."


Mhlophe, Gcina

International Professional Story Teller, Writer, Director

Gcina Mhlope Sept 4/12 International Professional Story Teller, Writer, Director. Words of Wisdom: "Anyone who is successful today is not successful because they failed, it is how they stood up after failing."


Wisdom, of Words

Leading Ladies Share their Words of Wisdom

Wisdom Exchange TV logo July 24/12 Leading Ladies, mostly from East Africa, Share their Words of Wisdom.


TV, Exchange Wisdom

Suzanne F Stevens & Michael K Gingerich Producers

June 26/12 Live YOUR Leadership Legacy, inspired by African Leading Ladies - 7 minute highlight video of African Leading Ladies. President & Founder of Ignite Excellence Group Initiatives, Canada Topics: Business Women – Pushing yourself to your personal and Professional Potential Key Words Wisdom - In order to reach your potential we need to challenge what we are capable of doing. By becoming uncomfortable, pushing the edge of our comfort zone, we often meet a better version of ourselves.