Guest Preparation Tips

Wisdom Exchange Tv is weekly web program dedicated to showcasing leaders globally who consciously contribute to the community, country or beyond. Guests are contributors who have demonstrated inclusiveness, care, courage, and consciousness in their contribution selection while ensuring they are empowering who they contribute to – in a sustainable manner. Using innovative tactics, these leaders have contributed to filling a social or environmental gap. The show is hosted by, Conscious-Contribution™ Cultivator, Suzanne F. Stevens.

Show format

The first few minutes of the show focuses on the guest contribution, the what, where, and why.   The remaining 20-30 minutes will be an exchange on how they implemented their contribution and the impact it is having on society or the environment.

Immediately following the interview is a 30-minute slot which we affectionately call “MAKE MY CONTRIBUTION COUNT.” For registered viewers/listeners, they will have an opportunity to a live Q&A exchange with our guest. They may ask questions about their own contribution with the goal that the guest will provide insight into how the viewer/listener can consciously contribute on route to living their most meaningful life.

The interview will be available on, posted to each conscious-contributors™ exclusive page. Also, her or his profile, and if the guest has an active blog, it will also be syndicated to WisdomExchangeTv.

Wisdom Exchange Tv contribution community will have access to the post-interview Q & A segment – MAKE MY CONTRIBUTION COUNT, and any additional raw footage. To learn more [click here- this is the $20US piece} [may not need on this page]

We will have features including: ‘Words of Wisdom,’ ‘Contribution Lessons,’ and ‘Edgeness Insight.’ (Edgeness: an enhanced version of ourselves that is discovered when pushing the edge of our comfort zone). The viewer will be inspired by the concrete techniques from different conscious-contributors™, from different cultures, with different perspectives and with different legacies.

Each week a new show is launched. On the homepage, you will see listings for:

  • Recent exchanges
  • Future exchanges
  • Featured Exchanges

Each show will be recorded in guest’s local community, or by web conference tool. Regardless where the exchange is hosted, the live audience will be able to ask questions in the MAKE MY CONTRIBUTION COUNT segment via web conference tool. An exclusive opportunity, which you need to register for [link to subscribe].

The show is posted on many of video syndication and social media sites; archived episodes are available at Subscribers to the show will be notified of upcoming exchanges.

The Impact

Each guest will provide perspective through the lens of her or his circumstances, contribution and country and region. Aforementioned is what makes the Wisdom Exchange Tv so unique, as each guest will have a distinct perspective. No matter where the viewer/listener lives, they will be able to take insights and inspiration from the interview to apply to their situation and create their conscious-contribution.

Preparing for your appearance

While much information about you may be available on your website, it would be appreciated if you could send any pertinent information in the form of a biography to If you have been the subject of a profile article or achieved something that is not well documented, providing these to the host (Suzanne F. Stevens) in advance of your appearance will make for a better exchange. Also, if you would like to have Suzanne probe into a particular area of your contribution, please let her know in advance.