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Majara, Lerato

Owner, Kentucky Fried Chicken Franchises

Lerato Majara, Owner, Kentucky Fried Chicken Franchises, Lesotho


…, Muhwezi Susan

Senior Presidential Advisor on AGOA & Trade, Hotel Owner & Vice Chairperson of Uganda Hotel Owner's Association

Susan Muhwezi Senior Presidential Advisor on AGOA & Trade in Uganda, owner of boutique hotel. Words of Wisdom: "If you reach for perfection, you will reach excellence. Learn from others. Give what is best of you."


…, Mchomvu Happiness

Coordinator for Women Entrepreneurship Development

Happiness Mchomvu Coordinator, Women Entrepreneurship Development, Tanzania. A perspective on micro-financing what to do and not to do.


…, Asiko Christine

Founder & CEO Strive International

Christine Asiko CEO & Founder of Strive International which aims to build awareness of DYSLEXIA in Africa.


Abera, Sara

Fashion Designer & Founder, Muya Ethiopia PLC

June 12/12 Fashion designer and Founder, Muya Ethiopia P.L.C. A women who has created a hundreds of community jobs through export and innovation. Won first price for Millennium award for woman Exporters in the Handloom sub-sector. Words of Wisdom: We need to learn from the West. We have to work a lot. We don’t dream. We have to learn from West based on what we have.


Acham, Hellen

Executive Director, North East Chili Producers Association

Jan, 11, 2012 Hellen Acham, Executive Director, North East Chili Producers, Peace Keeper, Business Builder - Words of Wisdom - "Become involved with the economic activities that will not separate your family. We need to work with the support of our partners."


Ashenafi, Meaza

Chairperson, Enat Bank, Women Activist

Apr 17/12 Chairperson Enat Bank, Lawyer & Women Activist in . Words of Wisdom "If you are in the public service, If they have a voice, and have public trust, I believe you have to continue talking, continue to fight, continue to contribute to make the world a better place." Please contribute to the exchange: Q. What has been the biggest recent movement pro-rights of women in your country? Q. What is the biggest injustice done towards women in your country? Q. What is the primary initiative that needs to happen in your country to address this injustice?


Bariho, Rusia

Founder & Managing Director, Oribags Innovations Ltd

Feb 7/12 Founder Oribags Innovations Ltd. Uganda. Winner top entrepreneur under 25 TIAW awards. Words of Wisdom: "Commitment. We often make promises by we are not committed to them."


Belete, Hilina

Deputy General Manager, Hilina Enriched Food Processing

Aug 7/12 Hilina Belete, Deputy General Manager, Hilina Enriched Food Processing. A young woman who understands being young is not an obstacle but an opportunity. And being a woman is just a reality. Words of Wisdom: "Don't be afraid to try, even though you might fail. If you don’t try you will never know where your goal might take you."


Beyene, Moges Samrawit

Founder & Managing Director of Travel Ethiopia

Apr. 3/12 Founder & Managing Director of Travel Ethiopia, plus leader, multi-business owner, pioneer, a true trailblazer in the travel industry! Words of Wisdom: "Taking a job is not about money, but it is about the knowledge you acquire."