Happiness Mchomvu …

Coordinator for Women Entrepreneurship Development, Tanzania

Business, Micro- Business

  • Expertise - Micro-Business

    Learn: 1. What makes a successful business 2. Where to get support to build your business 3. Opportunities and obstacles in Tanzania

  • Leadership Lessons

    Learn: How to be flexible both personally and professionally to meet the demands and achieve your dreams.

Launch Date: Dec 4, 2014

Words of wisdom:“We should never give up, we have a lot of challenges in Africa, but there are a lot of opportunities. We should grab them. We need to get information to grab those opportunities. African women always persevere.“

Happiness Mchomvu, Coordinator, Women Entrepreneurship Development - Tanzania

From acquiring a degree in food processing to have a huge significant impact on the entrepreneurial landscape of Tanzania. Happiness has trained over 300 trainers and over 9,800 entrepreneurs on food processing and entrepreneurship skills (96% which were women).

She, along with others, created the only food processors association in the country  - TAFOPA, the Tanzania Women Chamber of Commerce (TWCC) and the Association of Food Processors known as Women Entrepreneurship Develo

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