Hellen Acham

Executive Director, North East Chili Producers Association, Uganda

Business, Agribusiness, Peace Keeping

Launch Date: January 11, 2012

Words of wisdom: "Become involved with the economic activities that will not separate your family. We need to work with the support of our partners."

Hellen Acham, Executive Director, North East Chili Producers  

Hellen is Chairperson Northern Uganda Transitional Justice Working Group, Executive Director North East Chili Producers Association. North East Chili Producers Association (NECPA) coordinates groups of thirty Women Associations of chili producers across Northern Ugandan.  Hellen has helped these women to processes and market their crop for export.  She has trained more than three hundred women in entrepreneurship s

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  • Acham Hellen K Elungat 2012-01-21 21:37:12

    Dear Friends I would like to thank all of you who have shown love and appreciation to my efforts and initiatives I would like to encourage you all to strive for success and always be determined God will bless you and please remember that you cant do it alone joint efforts are needed ( HELP OTHERS TO HELP YOURSELF. WITH LOVE AND HONOUR HELLEN

  • Clene Nyiramahoro 2012-01-13 05:43:19

    Hellen, Thank you for being a peace keeper in your country Uganda. I have never thought that Chilli can be such a crop that one can rely on for financial sustainability. Your story is a reminder that it is possible to make a positive change where we are, using what we have. Peace is what we need and everything else will follow. Thank you for bridging the gap, and for preaching unity among your people. Keep up your good work, Clene

  • gloria nalule 2012-01-12 07:22:22

    Hellen, thank you for the work you are doing and thank you again for challenging us to remember that we can all earn a living from our way of life-that is if as a person I come from a traditionally pastoral or agriculturalist background, I can still ingeniously create a way of first of all, improving the way things are done, maintain those methods that have proved to give results to earn money. It is amazing to know that I do not necessarily have to leave my station in life in the hope of an opportunity that may never come or that it is too late to make a bold and definite decision. Thank you for going back home. Cheers, Gloria Nalule.

  • MAUREEN ODOI 2012-01-10 06:36:09

    Congrats! this is an inspiring moment to share with other service providers. With peace we will feed the nations, the people and the poor. Stay blessed! maureen