Ignite Excellence Foundation

Suzanne F. Stevens, Host of Wisdom Exchange, Founder of Ignite Excellence Foundation, Canada

Philanthropy – Investing in tertiary education for perspective women leaders in Africa

Launch Date: Sept-2010

Words of wisdom: "Invest and develop African women leaders, as they will create a positive ripple effect of change that will impact African communities, country and continent."

Suzanne F Stevens, Founder, Ignite Excellence Foundation www.igniteexcellencefoundation.org

The Ignite Excellence Foundation’s mission is Leadership, Advocacy and Education for women in the developing world. The vision is to Invest, Inspire and Develop women leaders by providing tertiary education so we create the women leaders of today for tomorrow.

It has been said: “If you educate a man, you educate a man. Educate a woman, education a nation.

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