Jane Trembath

International Airline Captain, Johannesburg, South Africa

Leadership, Women empowerment

  • Philosophies - Dealing with challenges in a man's world

    1. Vision to determination 2. Dealing with how to overcome challenges in a man's world 3. Importance of understanding culture to succeed 4. How to

  • Personal insights - How to regain self-belief

    1. Dealing with sexual harassment - confidently 2. How to regain self-belief 3. Celebrating your unique difference

  • Leadership - Leading from the cockpit

    1. How to be perceived as more assertive vs. aggressive 2. Inner wisdom and its power in leadership 3. Leading from the cockpit & success criteria

  • Expertise - Becoming a pilot

    How to become a pilot

  • Conscious Contribution - Women in aviation

    Blazing the way for other women in aviation.

Launch Date: October 17, 2014

Words of wisdom:"The fundamental essence of successful leadership is confidence, in yourself and your own personal power."

Jane Trembath, International Airline Captain, Pioneer in South Africa

Jane Trembath has been flying since 1982 and joined a South African airline in 1988, as one of the first lady pilots, into a somewhat skeptical male environment.

She had many proud moments with female firsts in South African aviation, but also made some spectacular mistakes navigating the minefield of being a woman in a man's world.

Jane had to learn for herself how to overcome the challenges of diversity and leading in a man's world. She speaks from personal experience

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