Lydia Muso

Founder & Director, Lesotho Child Counseling Unit, Lesotho

Philanthropy – Child Activist

Launch Date: February 9, 2013

Words of wisdom: "I would tell African women to love themselves and trust themselves. Tell them they are good people that they can do good things and protect the whole world."

Lydia Muso, Founder & Director,  Lesotho Child Counseling Unit

Lydia Muso is founder of the Lesotho Child Counseling Unit—an orphanage that she founded at her residence in 2001. The Lesotho Child Counseling Unit provides a temporary and safe home for the rehabilitative care of sexually, physically, and emotionally abused children.

The Home offers trauma-therapy and legal advocacy to children and families dealing with abuse, and conducts community trainings to promote awareness and action for abused children.  A tenacious advocate for human rights, especially the rights of children, Lydia has worked tirelessly to

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  • Lydia Muso 2013-03-12 13:35:09

    I am so blessed to learn how other people see me. These comments build me to be much stronger and to put more effort in my work. This job is not a child's play, it needs people who have natural gifts combined with professionalism. I had to listen to myself first of all and underline my strengths and weaknesses. I invited God to help me to be fair in knowing myself. I thank God for showing me people who faithful and newsworthy for the best interest of this initiative. Children need a personality that is soft and understanding, and that is me. I thank God for giving me the beautiful personality. I must thank everybody, who has and is supporting the project for the safety and protection of these helpless children. The list is long. At the moment i am asking God to give me people who will assist in rebuilding of the shelter that was destroyed in fire, because at the moment i have children in my house and we are so cramped. I do have strong believe that there is a Good Samaritan who will come to rescue us. God bless.

  • mary lamarque 2013-02-18 23:50:42

    I was so inspired by Lydia's gift of bringing joy to abused children through her expertise, deep empathy and gentle, supportive counseling. It was a priviledge to meet her.

  • Sverre Kulseng 2013-02-12 12:14:14

    My wife and I have known and visited Lydia several times and experienced her sincere, dovoted and fruitful work for abused children. We admire and fortunate to be of little support for her important cause.