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Muhunyo, Gladys

previous Director of Africa Programmes. Computer Aid Africa

Gladys Muhunyo – Interview July 12, 2011, a social enterprise where that has given people all over Africa accesses to technology.


Sambo, Sibongile

Founder & Managing Director of SRS Aviation

Sibongile Sambo profile photo Launch June 25/14 Founder & Managing director of SRS Aviation – the first 100% black female owned aviation company that offers clients professional and personalized flight options to destinations around the world. Words of Wisdom: "As women in Africa we have so many industries we can get involved in, embrace them, however, we must not forget our responsibilities at home."


Greyling, Tisha

Principal and Director, Golder Associates Africa

Sep 2013, Tisha Greyling is a Principal and Director, Golder Associates Africa, Pioneer in public participation in South Africa. Tisha founded the first company that focuses on Public participation & engagement of Stakeholders in South Africa. Words of Wisdom: "Nothing is ever simple on your path to reach your dream or your goal. Accept that and don’t see it as a stumbling block. Have a plan A, plan B, plan C and still be able think on your feet."


Zingoni, Lydia

Founder and Director, SA Teen Entrepreneur Foundation

Lydia Zingoni is Founder and Director of SA Teen Entrepreneur Foundation


Majara, Lerato

Owner, Kentucky Fried Chicken Franchises

Lerato Majara, Owner, Kentucky Fried Chicken Franchises, Lesotho


Goven, Gita

Founding Partner & CEO ARG Design

May 3/13 new exchange, Founder& CEO ARG Design, Words of Wisdom"There is a depth of dignity, reliance and wisdom and huge generosity in the spirit of African women. Bring it out. Stand together and work together."


Ngini, Leah

Founder & Director, St. Christopher’s Kindergarten, Preparatory and Secondary

April 19/13 Interview launch. Leah Ngini, Founder & Director, St. Christopher’s Kindergarten, Preparatory and Secondary. Words of Wisdom: "Have a vision as to the sort of family you want. My mother swore that all her children, both boys and girls, would be educated and treated equally in everything. She had 5 boys and 5 girls. "


Gabriel, Marsha

Founder & President, CSI Business Congress

April 5/13 Marsha Gabriel, Founder & President, The CSI Business Congress, Showcasing Business response to HIV/AIDS, Owner OF De`Ma Restaurant, Durban South Africa. Words of Wisdom: "Some are born great; some are great; some become great. You may not have been born great, you may not be great, but you have the ability to become great. All the best for your achievements."


Chacha, Margareth

Managing Director, Tanzania Women’s Bank Ltd

Managing Director, Tanzania Women’s Bank Ltd, A pioneer in the Tanzanian Banking industry. Words of Wisdom: "Remove the fear, bring out your confidence, you are strong. You must make others believe in you by believing yourself."


Dick, Angela

Founder & Chief Executive Officer, Transman

March 5, 2013 Founder & Chief Executive Officer, Transman, South Africa. Words of Wisdom: "The most important thing is to trust your inner instincts. Look at what you respect; who you respect and who you believe in."