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Welcome to your extended resource section. These resources are intended to aid in learning, leading and succeeding in life, business and community. Please feel free to provide us with resources that align with the Wisdom Exchange TV mandate (being relevant to current and future African women leaders). Please email us details at


IgniteU – Online Influence University: Receive business development at your pace, your time and at affordable cost. Leading Lady Series designed for the women that want to exude confidence, creditability and gain commitment in every interaction.

Ignite Your Edgeness: Persuasive presentations strategies that move minds

Women of Africa – A powerful untapped economic force for the continent, 2011 ~ Ernst & Young ~ Women of Africa, A powerful untapped economic force for the continent,2011, Ernest & Young

Ignite Excellence Inc., An influential communication development company, Articles and Blog  Influential Communications

African Women Leaders share strategies for success. Suzanne F Stevens adds insights and perspectives on how to implement those strategies. Suzanne F Stevens Blog
Poize Magazine – Designed for Nigerian women –  for and about women entrepreneurs. If your not Nigerian I am sure they won’t mind sharing this great insight!


Book Recommendations

Fiction – insights on culture and the women within them

Expert Perspectives

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We presently have a poll we are conducting and we want your perspective – The question: “What do you see as the biggest issue facing women in emerging countries?