Rusia Bariho

Founder & Managing Director, Oribags Innovations Ltd, Uganda


Launch Date: February 7, 2012

Words of wisdom: "Commitment. We often make promises by we are not committed to them."

Rusia Bario, Founder & Managing Director, Oribags Innovations Ltd. 

Rusia Bariho is Founder and Managing Director of Oribags Innovations Ltd, is a social and environmental enterprise dealing in the manufacture of eco paper bags from agricultural fibers and wastes. Rusia is also the Executive Director and cofounder of United Foundation of Entrepreneurial Skills for Development (UFED Uganda) a non-profit community based organization that promotes the spirit of entrepreneurship among youth and women. She represents young female entrepreneurs at the Uganda Women Entrepreneurs Association (UWEAL).

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  • Specioza Suruma 2012-02-08 20:30:00

    Good Job Rusia, hang in there .