Sibongile Sambo

Founder & Managing Director of SRS Aviation, Johannesburg, South Africa

Business, Pioneer

  • Expertise - Building an aviation business from the ground up

  • Philosophies - Positive attitude and risk taking is at its core

  • Conscious Contributions™ - Helping others see the possibilities

  • Leadership Lessons - Leading people and a business into unchartered territory

Launch Date: Posted: June 25, 2014

Words of wisdom:"As women in Africa we have so many industries we can get involved in, embrace them, however, we must not forget our responsibilities at home."

Sibongile Sambo, Founder & Managing Director of SRS Aviation. Johannesburg, South Africa

Sibongile Sambo is the Founder and Managing Director of SRS Aviation – the first 100% black female owned aviation company that offers clients professional and personalized flight options to destinations around the world.

Sibongile is Businesswomen, Entrepreneur and a Motivational Speaker.

Some of the long list awards Sibongile Sambo has received:

The 2006 winner of the BWA’s Regional Business Women of the year award for the Sta

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