African Women Leaders

Oct 09 2014

Oct 17/14 First Female Pilot in South Africa and & Captain of the first female crew.

Jun 18 2014

We still wonder why educating girls in the developing world is such an important topic… well because not enough is being done about it!

As put by one of two female Presidents in Africa- Ellen Johnson Sirleaf is the president of Liberia and a Nobel Peace Prize winner.

“It is …

Dec 20 2013

Women in Business Challenge 2013-2014View this email in your browser BiD Network ends 2013 with wonderful news! The launch of the fifth edition of the Women in Business Challenge. This business plan competition is designed to support women entrepreneurs in Africa, Asia and Latin America in starting and growing their business. We are working hard […]

Oct 23 2013

Wisdom Exchange TV cultivates, celebrates and inspires future leaders, viewers tell us.

Oct 16 2013

Oct 27/13 Managing Director, Nedbank (Swaziland) Limited – Pioneer: first woman in Swaziland to head up a Managing Director Post for a International Bank.

Oct 05 2011

I am very proud to announce that Wisdom Exchange TV ( is now being viewed in 49 countries and on 6 continents! This site was designed for African women to learn, lead and succeed. Wisdom Exchange TV has just been viewed in 19 African countries! This demonstrates the power and influence of the African Women […]

Jun 13 2011

Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe

I am presently sitting at Victoria Falls in Zimbabwe. As I watch the sheer volume of water and the power of its force as it crashes down to Batoka Gorge, I am reminded of one of my favourite books, The Power of […]

May 09 2011

Ted Horton & Hanne Howard

At the Hanne Howard and Ted Horton funded community for children, we were watching the children do their crafts, playing, conversing and looking you in the eye when they speak, you quickly recognize that they have been brought up with […]

May 02 2011

As I depart from Kenya I cannot help reflecting on the diversity of the women I have met, and where some of their values intersect and where they are polarized. I came to Kenya from Toronto, Canada to hear the perspectives of Kenyan women from different backgrounds. These perspectives I […]

Apr 24 2011



Leah Ngini & Suzanne F Stevens in Maasia Courtyard at St. Christopher's School

Often when people think of the Sub-Sahara, they conjure up images of starving children, slums, and corruption. Although these images are real, in many places […]

Apr 18 2011

Suzanne F Stevens interviews Lois Shaw

As my husband I arrive in the middle of the night to Kenya and then to Africa International University, I quickly remember the fresh African air, the monumental potholes, and the Kenyan hospitality. With each Karibu greeting, (Welcome […]

Mar 01 2011

The Women Leadership Blog is honoured to launch with the announcement of the successful summit of a group of 13 Canadian women who climbed Kilimanjaro to raise funds for a women’s leadership centre, Leah Ngini Community Centre, in Nairobi, Kenya. For the last year these women trained rigorously on weekends […]

Feb 22 2011

Since the inception of the Ignite Excellence Foundation in April 2007 we have made some strides to develop the women leadership in Africa.

We have sponsored two potential women leaders through post-graduate education through the sales of photography.
We have donated the time and resources to train nearly 100 […]