Mar 02 2017

Our client, an international non–governmental organization working in the field

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Nov 24 2016

Connections and Networks are interesting and sometimes can be truly a blessing. Today, I met a wonderful lady who has been looking for my contact and we got talking. Then together we went to meet a gentleman who she had never met about an event which another person had asked me to speak in. The […]


Nov 23 2016

I know we have a month and a few days to the end of year 2016. I’m sure bigger and better things are yet to unfold but so far I can only mavel at God’s grace, faithfulness and provision. I am blessed. I am happy. I Truly understand the Peace of God that surpasses human […]


Sep 08 2016

Virtual HR, a human resource and talent management company based


Sep 07 2016

Virtual HR premiers use of social media to interview job


Sep 07 2016

Virtual HR a Human Resource and talent management company is


Aug 12 2016

  … Gladys Ogallo is the founder, Virtual Human Resource


Dec 17 2015

#onmymind #Burundi

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r   I’ve had moments of thinking about Burundi but like most of us, I try to block it out of my mind, but today I can’t. When the bubble of peace is busting all around this beautiful country. How many more lives must be lost? I have been to Bujumbura, the landing view is […]


Oct 13 2015

There is no shortage of advice on what candidates seeking


Sep 14 2015

For years, students in Kenya have sat for the Kenya


Sep 01 2015

Open the eyes of my heart, Lord Open the eyes of my heart I want to see You I want to see You Open the eyes of my heart, Lord Open the eyes of my heart I want to see You I want to see You To see You high and lifted up Shinin’ in […]


Aug 28 2015

As organizations seek to win the war for talent it


Jun 23 2015

O God of all creation Bless this our land and nation Justice be our shield and defender May we dwell in unity Peace and liberty Plenty be found within our borders. (verse:2) Let one and all arise With hearts both strong and true Service be our earnest endeavour And our homeland of Kenya Heritage of […]


May 11 2015

The top two criteria used to differentiate annual salary increases are individual performance and company performance, a Kenyan survey reveals.

According to a survey carried out in Kenya by Virtual HR services in partnership with South Africa’s 21st Century Group, the top two criteria used to differentiate annual increases in most organizations are individual and company performance. The other consideration for awarding salary increase is affordability.

The survey was carried out to determine the nature and extent of salary movements in Kenya for last year and the first quarter of 2015. The data which was collected from some of the leading Kenyan brands including Safaricom Limited, Strathmore University and Libya Oil Kenya Limited among other organizations sampled 13 CEOs, 57 Executives, 872 Managers and 5 247 General Staff.

The survey revealed valuable insights which can be useful for senior management and HR executives in Kenya’s corporate world. From the research, we found that, in most organizations, the executive management have the highest prevalence of the total consolidated package at 38.5%.  The executives are also more likely to enjoy flexibility in their package compared to the general staff.

The crust of the report in the survey revealed that the top two reasons why employees leave organisations are either being forced out as a result of non-performance or downsizing or because they choose to leave for personal or career growth.

Despite differences in industry and organisational culture, most employees are motivated in their job because of one or many of the following factors:

  • The organisation for which they work

  • Remuneration offering, including incentives

  • Their boss

  • The work environment such as culture, personality fit and flexibility

  • Recognition

  • The achievements they can produce when they play a specific role

  • The status that a position gives them

  • Their peers, team and co-workers

  • The work schedule

To keep every employee satisfied and motivated, managers should understand what motivates each employee individually and design their work environment accordingly.

The detailed report which is available for free on request concludes that, salary increase determination is not an isolated decision and is made with consideration of your organization’s affordability as well as your company’s history of salary increases.

To get this report for FREE, Call us +254(020) 233 7980 or Email:

Apr 03 2015

#happy Easter

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Easter is here! Yes the joy of know that Jesus is went through so much just for our salvation. I know we try to do so much for our friends, colleagues and especially family and sometimes it doesn’t seem enough. This Easter break gives me an opportunity to do some more of giving sharing and […]


Mar 22 2015

If you have been keen enough, we have begun a new journey of consistently engaging our audience with HR related content on all our social media platforms – Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. This is our first blog article that captures in a summary what we’ve been talking about this week.

Our thematic subject last week was about Personal Development Analysis (PDA), the new and internationally recognized tool that helps companies and individuals assess the job profiles of candidates. PDA is a scientifically validated behavioral assessment tool which improves the selection and development of organisational talent

The main uses of PDA are for recruitment, training needs analysis etc

PDA gives you an overview of an individual’s:
• Leadership style.
• Decision-making style.
• How to lead this person to success.
• Persuasive skills.
• Analytical skills.
• Sales skills.
• Motivation and energy level.
• Emotional Intelligence (Self Control).
• Strengths and developmental areas.
• Compatibility with specific job outputs and competencies.

PDA fits into all areas and applications of Human Capital. With the PDA assessment tool, you will be able to…
• Hire the most suitable people for each Job
• Team up the best talent
• Develop leadership skills
• Select the best career path for executives and professionals
• Identify employees’ and team’s areas of strength and areas for improvement

Who uses PDA?
a) Small and Big Organizations who want to utilize behavioural information of employees to achieve higher productivity and create high performing teams thus allowing small companies to grow big and create a niche in the market, while big companies solidify their market position, and even grow bigger and better. This tool is used widely by leading companies ranked “Great Place to Work.”
b) Individual People who want to understand their strengths and developmental areas in order to improve their job/career prospects, current and future job performance and relationships with subordinates, colleagues and superiors.

In Kenya, Virtual HR services is the officially accredited company by PDA international to use these tools. Get in touch with us for support. We have something interesting this week. Keep an eye on our social media platforms for more. Wishing you a lovely week ahead.

Mar 22 2015

#onmymind Sunday musings

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Do you know the Sunday school song “Today is my favorite day, I like tomorrow and yesterday but today is my favorite day?” Sunday is my favorite day. And today was one of those days that I’m at so much peace especially when nothing went according to schedule. This has nothing to do with my […]


Mar 08 2015


Nov 29 2014

Coordinator, Women Entrepreneurship Development, Tanzania. A perspective on micro-financing what to do and not to do.

Oct 21 2014

Senior Presidential Advisor on AGOA & Trade in Uganda, owner of boutique hotel. Words of Wisdom: “If you reach for perfection, you will reach excellence. Learn from others. Give what is best of you.”

Oct 09 2014

Oct 17/14 First Female Pilot in South Africa and & Captain of the first female crew.

Aug 22 2014

Aug 29/14 Launch Ambassador of Zimbabwe in Canada; Deputy Dean: Diplomatic corps in Ottawa.

Jun 25 2014

Sue-Lynn Carty, explains that A balance sheet and a statement of financial position (SOP) are both accounting statements that illustrate a corporation’s assets and liabilities, but in different formats. For-profit businesses most commonly use the balance sheet format and non-profit businesses most commonly use the statement of financial position format.” This really means that we […]

Apr 25 2014

Launch June 25/14 Founder & Managing director of SRS Aviation – the first 100% black female owned aviation company that offers clients professional and personalized flight options to destinations around the world. Words of Wisdom: “As women in Africa we have so many industries we can get involved in, embrace them, however, we must not forget our responsibilities at home.”

Dec 20 2013

Women in Business Challenge 2013-2014View this email in your browser BiD Network ends 2013 with wonderful news! The launch of the fifth edition of the Women in Business Challenge. This business plan competition is designed to support women entrepreneurs in Africa, Asia and Latin America in starting and growing their business. We are working hard […]

Oct 16 2013

Oct 27/13 Managing Director, Nedbank (Swaziland) Limited – Pioneer: first woman in Swaziland to head up a Managing Director Post for a International Bank.

Sep 10 2013

Today, I’m inspired by my friends who have taken time to serve others. They recognise the need to grow others to levels beyond their original capacity and when they see opportunities for them to grow more  will help them step on their shoulders to climb higher. I’m inspired by their competition on self competence to […]

Aug 11 2013

Lydia Zingoni is Founder and Director of SA Teen Entrepreneur Foundation

Aug 10 2013

Lerato Majara, Owner, Kentucky Fried Chicken Franchises, Lesotho

Jul 05 2013

July 7/13 In this short presentation at the CCAfrica’s African Women Trade & Investment Opportunity Conference, Suzanne F Stevens shares pioneering African women’s strengths – which we all can learn from and opportunities for African women to expand their business impact.

Jul 04 2013

In this short presentation at the CCAfrica’s African Women Trade & Investment Opportunity Conference, Suzanne F Stevens shares pioneering African women’s strengths – which we all can learn from and opportunities for African women to expand their business impact. These insights are based interviewing women pioneers all over Africa over 20 months and continuing.

Jun 05 2013

Today is a beautiful day. As I write this note, I’m happy because of the decision I made this morning to maintain a positive attitude. Yes it was important to make that decision because it has guided my actions and reactions through out the whole day. I woke up before dawn! Yes and was on […]

Apr 22 2013

May 3/13 new exchange, Founder& CEO ARG Design, Words of Wisdom”There is a depth of dignity, reliance and wisdom and huge generosity in the spirit of African women. Bring it out. Stand together and work together.”

Mar 18 2013

Managing Director, Tanzania Women’s Bank Ltd, A pioneer in the Tanzanian Banking industry. Words of Wisdom: “Remove the fear, bring out your confidence, you are strong. You must make others believe in you by believing yourself.”

Mar 06 2013

March 5, 2013 Founder & Chief Executive Officer, Transman, South Africa. Words of Wisdom: “The most important thing is to trust your inner instincts. Look at what you respect; who you respect and who you believe in.”

Feb 15 2013

Feb 21/13 Janet Nkubana, Co- Founder and COO, Gahaya Links known for exporting ‘Peace Baskets’ to the West and weaving peace amongst Rwandan’s rural communities.

Jan 21 2013

Jan 25/13 Founder & Legal Representative, RTUC Rwanda Tourism University College – First Tourism University in Rwanda. Words of Wisdom: “Work hard. Be confident. Grow to develop our world.”

Dec 13 2012

Leadership thoughts

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Today I reflect on some leadership thoughts and would like to share a few “A leader is one who knows the way, goes the way, and shows the way.” This definitely cuts me out of the political races causing a lot of vibe in Kenya today, because I have not understand the way of politics. […]

Nov 11 2012

Nov 27, 2012 Vodacom International: Corporate Affairs &Trustee at Vodafone Foundation. Words of Wisdom: “African women, stay the course. Our continent needs us to evolve from where it is. If you are in the position to that, make it faster or change it, do it. Take it personally to take it to the next level. It is up to us. If you are leader in Africa today, you have to go for it.”

Nov 06 2012

Nov 13/12 In loving memory – Founder & Managing Director Tintsaba, Master Weavers in Sisal. Swaziland. Relaunch. Sheila Freemantle leaves us on Oct 29, 2012. In Loving memory of a woman who has impacted so many peoples lives. Watch, Listen, Read, her inspiring words of wisdom of how to change the live of thousands with love. Help her legacy live! Words of Wisdom: “Know your strength and develop those strengths. Focus on the positive and let the negative wash by.”

Oct 17 2012

Today I am more technology dependent than I was at the beginning of the year. 1) Email: I attach more files; receive and reply emails from almost all electronic gadgets within my reach. 2)Internet: I search for everything and because most of my transactions include weblinks to other references it’s a must 3)Mobile: I call, […]

Oct 14 2012

Antonia Mutoro

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Oct. 16/12 Antonia Mutoro is the first and current Executive Director of the Institute of Policy Analysis and Research (IPAR). Words of Wisdom: “An African woman should know their worth and they should embrace it.”

Oct 08 2012

Reblogged from Jose Kamanthe: The 21st century has brought technology to our hands. By using mobile phones, people are connecting with the world from the comfort of their seats, homes, offices and even in the air while flying planes. Today, many people are finding it hard to spend one day away from their mobile phone.  It is said that this century alone […]

Oct 04 2012

I’m signing back online after a 4 months break which is quite something especially when communication is part of your life but that’s a story for another day. Today I write about an incident this week in a public office where I was pleasantly served efficiently, patiently and effectively. Yes, it was a public office. The […]

Sep 20 2012

Oct 2/12 Founder & Director of Production, Compass Communication Company Ltd, producer of Miss Universe Tanzania beauty pageant; founding member Tanzania Independent Producers (TAIPA)

Sep 09 2012

Sept 18/12 Managing Director, Gone Rural, Swaziland. Impacting hundreds of rural women by creating jobs through high quality hand-crafts. Words of Wisdom: “Know your inner power and strength. It is from the African earth. There are so much humility and love for family and culture and we don’t acknowledge that as African women. We are worthy of success. I wish we could show these women to the world.”

Sep 02 2012

Sept 4/12 International Professional Story Teller, Writer, Director. Words of Wisdom: “Anyone who is successful today is not successful because they failed, it is how they stood up after failing.”

Aug 16 2012

Aug. 21/ 12 Immy Kamarade, Managing Director & Founder, Dallas Investments Ltd, , & Chairperson Rwanda chamber of women entrepreneurs 2012. Serial Board member, making a difference in every industry she touches.

Aug 03 2012

Hilina Belete

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Aug 7/12 Hilina Belete, Deputy General Manager, Hilina Enriched Food Processing. A young woman who understands being young is not an obstacle but an opportunity. And being a woman is just a reality. Words of Wisdom: “Don’t be afraid to try, even though you might fail. If you don’t try you will never know where your goal might take you.”

May 30 2012

June 12/12 Fashion designer and Founder, Muya Ethiopia P.L.C. A women who has created a hundreds of community jobs through export and innovation. Won first price for Millennium award for woman Exporters in the Handloom sub-sector. Words of Wisdom: We need to learn from the West. We have to work a lot. We don’t dream. We have to learn from West based on what we have.