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Nov 29 2014

Coordinator, Women Entrepreneurship Development, Tanzania. A perspective on micro-financing what to do and not to do.

Jun 21 2013

I thought I would share this post from Terry Brock, President and CEO Achievement Systems, Inc. I recently had the pleasure of delivering my UnSales Sales™ keynote to a group of Meeting Planners at MPI TEC Toronto. One of the concepts I shared with them is The UnEmail Email™. This concept focuses on email being […]

Jun 03 2013

I thought I would share this great insight from Adrian Davis about how to write a proposal. His recommendations are spot on. It is important to understand your prospect, and play back their objectives as they see them, then design the proposal to address them. I have always found the most valuable element of the […]

Jul 03 2012

Email – Friend or Foe?
Email can be a friend or foe. How you use it, organize it, compose it will dictate which category it falls into.

By the time you have read this blog, your in-box will have new mail. Some of it will be for you, some of it won’t, some of it won’t be clear if it’s for you or not, some of it will be important, good chance most of it won’t. All of it has to be read, noted, forwarded, deleted, answered and filed. It all takes time.

Apr 30 2012

DEAR SUZANNE: How Can I Keep my Energy Up When Presenting? Q: I provide training, education and technical support to prosthetists and the national sales team. I loved it. However my love for what I was doing did not shine through in my 4 and 8-hourpresentations, as I felt I was extremely focused, serious and […]

Apr 20 2012

Sales techniques: stay in front of your prospects and clients

Apr 15 2012

Ignite Excellence’s highly acclaimed influential communication training for business, leadership, and sales development is now being offered to individuals and organizations online via igniteU – on-line influence university.Over the last decade, Fortune 500 Companies on four continents have invested in their employees’ performance using Ignite Excellence’s training solutions with winning results. The affordable on-line solutions […]

Nov 03 2011

Influence preparation techniques for sales, presentations and negotiations

Aug 15 2011

Looking out on Kenya’s famous game reserve, the Masai Mara, at the millions of wildebeest, I could not help but be intrigued by their behaviour. To watch the wildebeest  roam the vast open space with no semblance of order, to all of a sudden fall in line behind this one wildebeest. One wildebeest would start […]

May 20 2011

While traveling in Kenya, I had the pleasure of being invited into two schools: St. Christopher’s School and Hanne Howard Fund community school. St. Christopher’s is a private school located on a plush estate in the wealthier part of Nairobi, a suburb called Karen. The Hanne Howard-funded community school is also located in Karen, but […]

Mar 15 2011

March 16/11 Ignite Excellence Inc.
President & Founder
Leadership & Sales Training Organization
Key words of wisdom – In order to influence, you need to ‘get out of your own way.’ Your perceptions and values have no place when trying to understand and therefore influence others.

Feb 22 2011

What does empathy actually mean? According to the Oxford dictionary it means: “the power of identifying oneself mentally with (and so fully comprehending) a person or object of contemplation.”  How this plays out in certain situations can actually be a tool that can make you more or less companionate. I see the use of empathy […]

Aug 26 2010

Have you ever said: “Explain it to me as if I were a six year old”? Now, have you ever heard a six-year-old say to you: “Explain it to me AND make sure I understand it”? Last weekend, I had the pleasure of being in the company of my niece. I imagine that she is […]

Aug 20 2010

Last week my husband I went to the Rogers Cup tennis tournament, in Toronto. We were excited to watch The Roger Federer play Juan Ignacio Chela. It was a qualifying game. My husband insisted that we see this game, because Roger Federer is to tennis what Tiger Woods is to golf. He was referring to […]

Apr 26 2010

Volunteerism: the principle of relying on voluntary action (according to Oxford). Volunteerism according to Suzanne F. Stevens: Giving your intelligence, insight, and time to a cause. A social phenomenon that provides opportunities to rub shoulders with diverse individuals with similar interests. Exposing yourself to learning new skills, industries, or perspectives. An opportunity to expand your […]

Apr 19 2010

Recently I had the pleasure of learning about a new industry, new research, new program, new brands and new processes for a new client. This process was so mind-consuming that I actually challenged myself to question, “When was the last time I learnt so much in such a short period of time? When was the […]

Mar 06 2010

I am a Very Proud Canadian! As a very proud Canadian, I felt a little disappointed when the Canadian Olympic women’s pursuit skaters made the decision to not communicate with their coach during such an important race. That decision may have cost them the podium. The Canadian men’s team used trackside signs to communicate with […]

Feb 22 2010

My name is Suzanne F. Stevens. Not Sue Stevens, not Susan Stevens, not Suzanne Stephens, not Suz, not Sam, not Susan, certainly not Mr. Stevens, and definitely not Suzanne Somers! Now that I have that off my chest, how many people will actually remember my name? Over the course of my life, I always thought […]

Feb 16 2010

My husband and I were enjoying a wonderful Valentine’s Day afternoon and decided to stop by our local pub.  When we arrived, we received a personalized Valentine’s Day card and a Hershey’s Hugs & Kisses chocolate from our waitress. I was flattered and impressed. As a businessperson I could not stop but think about the implications […]

Feb 08 2010

In my last entry, I spoke about looking in the mirror, knowing when to look closely and when to avoid constant scrutiny. In this entry I am asking you to look closely at who is in your audience when you are presenting to win business. Let’s say you decide to buy a new computer. The […]

Feb 02 2010

After the holidays, I was chatting with a girlfriend about the gifts our husbands had bought us. I was quite impressed with the amount of care my husband put into my gifts; but I must admit, one of my girlfriend’s gifts gave me more thought. She received a mirror that acts like a microscope highlighting […]