Nov 24 2016

Connections and Networks are interesting and sometimes can be truly a blessing. Today, I met a wonderful lady who has been looking for my contact and we got talking. Then together we went to meet a gentleman who she had never met about an event which another person had asked me to speak in. The […]


Nov 23 2016

I know we have a month and a few days to the end of year 2016. I’m sure bigger and better things are yet to unfold but so far I can only mavel at God’s grace, faithfulness and provision. I am blessed. I am happy. I Truly understand the Peace of God that surpasses human […]


Dec 17 2015

#onmymind #Burundi

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r   I’ve had moments of thinking about Burundi but like most of us, I try to block it out of my mind, but today I can’t. When the bubble of peace is busting all around this beautiful country. How many more lives must be lost? I have been to Bujumbura, the landing view is […]


Sep 01 2015

Open the eyes of my heart, Lord Open the eyes of my heart I want to see You I want to see You Open the eyes of my heart, Lord Open the eyes of my heart I want to see You I want to see You To see You high and lifted up Shinin’ in […]


Jun 23 2015

O God of all creation Bless this our land and nation Justice be our shield and defender May we dwell in unity Peace and liberty Plenty be found within our borders. (verse:2) Let one and all arise With hearts both strong and true Service be our earnest endeavour And our homeland of Kenya Heritage of […]


Apr 03 2015

#happy Easter

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Easter is here! Yes the joy of know that Jesus is went through so much just for our salvation. I know we try to do so much for our friends, colleagues and especially family and sometimes it doesn’t seem enough. This Easter break gives me an opportunity to do some more of giving sharing and […]


Mar 22 2015

#onmymind Sunday musings

by muhunyogn

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Do you know the Sunday school song “Today is my favorite day, I like tomorrow and yesterday but today is my favorite day?” Sunday is my favorite day. And today was one of those days that I’m at so much peace especially when nothing went according to schedule. This has nothing to do with my […]


Mar 08 2015


Mar 04 2015

CEO & Founder of Strive International which aims to build awareness of DYSLEXIA in Africa.

Jun 25 2014

Sue-Lynn Carty, explains that A balance sheet and a statement of financial position (SOP) are both accounting statements that illustrate a corporation’s assets and liabilities, but in different formats. For-profit businesses most commonly use the balance sheet format and non-profit businesses most commonly use the statement of financial position format.” This really means that we […]

Feb 05 2014

Stephanie Staples interviews Suzanne F. Stevens about Conscious Contributions™ – check it out! Your Life, Unlmiited with Stephanie Staples & Suzanne F. Stevens Todays conversation just made me want to contribute more to my global community.  Suzanne F. Stevens spends 50% of her time making money to finance the other 50% of her time with humanitarian […]

Sep 10 2013

Today, I’m inspired by my friends who have taken time to serve others. They recognise the need to grow others to levels beyond their original capacity and when they see opportunities for them to grow more  will help them step on their shoulders to climb higher. I’m inspired by their competition on self competence to […]

Aug 11 2013

Lydia Zingoni is Founder and Director of SA Teen Entrepreneur Foundation

Jul 16 2013

Dr Thandeka Mazibuko, interviewed by Suzanne F. Stevens, the host of Wisdom Exchange TV. Dr Thandeka Mazibuko is a specialist in Radiation Oncology and the Founder of Sinomusanothando Community Development. In this 5min video, Dr Mazibuko shares one of the most important skills of human kind. This skill can save lives. This skill can save someone from emotional despair or a life threatening disease. Interestingly, this skill can also provide the most hope and opportunity.

Jul 09 2013

Abuse can be an option. What society and you can do about it to avoid such attacks on women.

Jul 05 2013

July 7/13 In this short presentation at the CCAfrica’s African Women Trade & Investment Opportunity Conference, Suzanne F Stevens shares pioneering African women’s strengths – which we all can learn from and opportunities for African women to expand their business impact.

Jul 04 2013

In this short presentation at the CCAfrica’s African Women Trade & Investment Opportunity Conference, Suzanne F Stevens shares pioneering African women’s strengths – which we all can learn from and opportunities for African women to expand their business impact. These insights are based interviewing women pioneers all over Africa over 20 months and continuing.

Jul 02 2013

Dr Thandeka Mazibuko, interviewed by Suzanne F. Stevens, the host of Wisdom Exchange TV. Dr Thandeka Mazibuko is a specialist in Radiation Oncology and the Founder of Sinomusanothando Community Development. She is a conscious contributor as she donates much of her time to the rural community she grew up in providing health services. In a 2.5min video she shares her challenge with bringing screening to that very community as a woman.

Jun 05 2013

Today is a beautiful day. As I write this note, I’m happy because of the decision I made this morning to maintain a positive attitude. Yes it was important to make that decision because it has guided my actions and reactions through out the whole day. I woke up before dawn! Yes and was on […]

Jun 01 2013

June 5/13 Dr Thandeka Mazibuko, Founder, Sinomusanothando Community Development, Specialist in Radiation Oncology. Words of Wisdom: “You are gold. You are precious, intelligent. You’re beautiful don’t let anyone convince you otherwise. We are the rock of our nation. African women are the vessel of the home and glory of their families.”

May 10 2013

May 17, 2013 Regina Ingabire, Co-Founder Never Again International Youth Network. Words of Wisdom: We are mothers, and we need to be educators of our children. We have to encourage our children to be active citizens and to part of finding solutions to our countries.

Apr 01 2013

April 5/13 Marsha Gabriel, Founder & President, The CSI Business Congress, Showcasing Business response to HIV/AIDS, Owner OF De`Ma Restaurant, Durban South Africa. Words of Wisdom: “Some are born great; some are great; some become great. You may not have been born great, you may not be great, but you have the ability to become great. All the best for your achievements.”

Feb 04 2013

Founder & Director, Lesotho Child Counseling Unit, Lesotho. An orphanage that she founded at Lydia’s residence in 2001. Words of Wisdom: “I would tell African women to love themselves and trust themselves. Tell them they are good people that they can do good things and protect the whole world.”

Dec 13 2012

Leadership thoughts

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Today I reflect on some leadership thoughts and would like to share a few “A leader is one who knows the way, goes the way, and shows the way.” This definitely cuts me out of the political races causing a lot of vibe in Kenya today, because I have not understand the way of politics. […]

Nov 29 2012

Jan 11/13 Gandhi Development Trust, Start the year with Peace in your mind and heart.

Oct 19 2012

Oct 30/12 A pioneering Human Rights Activist in Swaziland. Not to be missed interview if you want insight to women’s realities as second-class citizens. Words of Wisdom: “We should not wait to be counted in. We should just count ourselves in.”

Oct 17 2012

Today I am more technology dependent than I was at the beginning of the year. 1) Email: I attach more files; receive and reply emails from almost all electronic gadgets within my reach. 2)Internet: I search for everything and because most of my transactions include weblinks to other references it’s a must 3)Mobile: I call, […]

Oct 08 2012

Reblogged from Jose Kamanthe: The 21st century has brought technology to our hands. By using mobile phones, people are connecting with the world from the comfort of their seats, homes, offices and even in the air while flying planes. Today, many people are finding it hard to spend one day away from their mobile phone.  It is said that this century alone […]

Oct 04 2012

I’m signing back online after a 4 months break which is quite something especially when communication is part of your life but that’s a story for another day. Today I write about an incident this week in a public office where I was pleasantly served efficiently, patiently and effectively. Yes, it was a public office. The […]

Sep 09 2012

Sept 18/12 Managing Director, Gone Rural, Swaziland. Impacting hundreds of rural women by creating jobs through high quality hand-crafts. Words of Wisdom: “Know your inner power and strength. It is from the African earth. There are so much humility and love for family and culture and we don’t acknowledge that as African women. We are worthy of success. I wish we could show these women to the world.”

Sep 02 2012

Sept 4/12 International Professional Story Teller, Writer, Director. Words of Wisdom: “Anyone who is successful today is not successful because they failed, it is how they stood up after failing.”

Jul 07 2012

Qhubeka ungapheli amandla noma bekuhleka, bekubukela phansi, bekuphazamisa, Qhubeka
Ithi thina siyakubona futhi siyakuzwa
Ithi ungapheli amandla
Ithi nawe Nyuswa, Silindele Primary Shool, KwaNyuswa Primary, Siyajabula High…

Jul 07 2012

Sunday Tribune
This was a true humbling moment, a nomination on its own was big enough, a win was more of a suprise and overwhelming
The work that started in 2004, doing such an amount of work with my own funds, my son not enjoying christmas for years,…

May 23 2012

May 29/12 CEO of Tanzania Gatsby Trust, nominee for the Africa Hunger Prize. In 1990, she was appointed by Pope John Paul II as a member of the Vatican Pontifical Council of the Laity and was recently appointed by the president of the United Republic of Tanzania as a trustee to the Presidential Trust Fund, her third appointment. A real leading lady!

May 10 2012

Baba Ngenze ngibe mnene, umkhuleko wabaningi Kunamaculo amaningi abhalwe ngenhliziyo emnene Kunezifundiso eziningi ngaleligama lokuba mnene Sicelwa ukuba sibe mnene njengamajuba Iyini, injani, yenzani lenhliziyo emnene? Ungabe Inhliziyo ephayo, engabambi amagqubu, exolelayo enakekelayo, enoxolo nokuthula,ephayo, efisa okuhle njalo engacasuki, engaxabanisi, engananxa namuntu Ukupha abantulayo kuyisibusiso esingephikiswe Ukudla nolambile, ugqoke noswele kuwubuntu obuphindiwe Asifundiswanga ukupha, ukunikela […]

May 04 2012

For those in Kenya SUBJECT: WORKSHOP INVITATION Communications Commission of Kenya (CCK), the regulatory agency for ICTs in Kenya will be leading the industry and other stakeholders in celebrating World Telecommunication and Information Society Day on 17th May 2012. This day is celebrated to mark the founding of the International Telecommunication Union and the institutionalisation […]

Apr 26 2012

May 1/2012 Founder & Group Managing Director, Professional Approach Group – Words of Wisdom: “Whether the boy child respects women, is because of the mother. It lies squarely on African women’s shoulders.”

Apr 11 2012

Apr 17/12 Chairperson Enat Bank, Lawyer & Women Activist in . Words of Wisdom “If you are in the public service, If they have a voice, and have public trust, I believe you have to continue talking, continue to fight, continue to contribute to make the world a better place.”
Please contribute to the exchange:

Q. What has been the biggest recent movement pro-rights of women in your country?

Q. What is the biggest injustice done towards women in your country?

Q. What is the primary initiative that needs to happen in your country to address this injustice?

Feb 27 2012

Yes have seen it! Yes I saw its peak between 2007 and 2009 Yes it had a beautiful masked face Wonderful make-up Covered in a very expensive and glorious veil I did not anticipate it too I did not know its existance My own domestic worker mother has never seen its true colours She has […]

Feb 25 2012

OH YES! It was your birthday Maybe chistmas or New years Whatever special day in your life! Excitement and curiosity takes over! Loss of inhibition takes control Yes s/he made you feel special Said all the wonderful words your ears were yearning to hear Aroused the secretion of excitement hormones The ones that confirms….. Mmmmhhh!! […]

Feb 06 2012

Dr Johnson Musomi and his outreach team at AMREF is making great strides in telemedicine. Part of the 2010/2011 annual report reads “After the successful pilot phase, the telemedicine services have been scaled up and integrated with specialist and Reconstructive outreach projects. The Outreach Programme has partnered with Computer Aid International to provide the equipment […]

Jan 15 2012

Bambiza wavuma ukuthi uyeza Wabeka imali, egibela Wadela ngisho ukuyolwela inkululeko yakhe ngalelolanga Wahamba amahora amathathu Wathi uma efika, walindiswa amahora amane Elele ngecala linye Umlenze uyamsinda Yebo uyanuka siyazi, yebo ujuza ubomvu namanzi anukayo Impela ugezile kepha ungathi uneminya engawathinti amanzi Yebo naye ungumuntu Impela kuzanyiwe Kuneminyaka kuzinhlanga zimuka nomoya Pho ubizelweni umntanomuntu Pho […]

Jan 13 2012

Now that I am a parent, I realise that is is not an easy job to do but you have to always do your best at all given time because you are a mother I have my mother to thank for all the principles she instilled in me I have to thank her for all […]

Jan 11 2012

Lyrics to Never Give Up: by Yolanda Adams Visions that can change the world Trapped inside an ordinary girl She looks just like me To afraid to dream out loud And though it’s set for your idea It won’t make sense to everybody You need courage now If you’re going to persevere To fulfill your […]

Jan 10 2012

MY TESTIMONY YES GOD CAN!! It is common that people stand up in front of the church to give testimony. My family’s church is apostolic faith Mission and this is a common phenomenon where testimony is used to express the gratitude or ask for prayers. The church member that wants to testify usually stands in […]

Jan 04 2012

Jan, 11, 2012 Hellen Acham, Executive Director, North East Chili Producers, Peace Keeper, Business Builder – Words of Wisdom – “Become involved with the economic activities that will not separate your family. We need to work with the support of our partners.”

Dec 04 2011

Ngiyanamukela ezinzulwini zemicabango yami  Ekujuleni kwemibono yami nasezinkolelweni zami Lapho imvelaphi yami ikhanya bha Lapho imisebenzi yami ehlezi obala Wamulelekile ekhaya lami lemicabango Wamukelekile ukuba uzizwele ngohambo lami Ngena sakhe isizwe sethu Ngena senze izinguko emikhakheni ehlukeni yezempilo zethu Aziziqhenye izizukulwane zethu ngemisebenzi yethu encomekayo Asifunde, sakhe, silobe AYIVIVE MAZULU!!  ASIVIKELE ULIMI LWETHU!!  YEBO NGISHO […]

Oct 24 2011

Every year we all attend various conferences in our sectors and spheres of operations. In fact every profession has a way of pulling together stakeholders in the sector for various reasons and most of these end up in a conference. Many of them involve travelling to new ares, networking within the profession, meeting new people […]

Oct 09 2011

Oct 18/11 Public Affairs & Communications Director for Coca-Cola Central East & West Africa, “WE all have to work toward leaving an amazing legacy.”

Sep 26 2011

Computer Aid International is set to make it’s presentation on eWaste at the IGF forum under UNESCO’s events. Follow up on the flyer attached or the unesco website