Thandeka Mazibuko

Dr Thandeka Mazibuko, Founder, Sinomusanothando Community Development, Durban, South Africa

Philanthropy & Health

Launch Date: May 31, 2013

Words of wisdom: "You are gold. You are precious, intelligent. You’re beautiful don’t let anyone convince you otherwise. We are the rock of our nation."

Dr Thandeka Mazibuko, Specialist in Radiation Oncology, Founder, Sinomusanothando Community Development

Dr Thandeka Mazibuko, specialising in Radiation Oncology in Kwa-Zulu Natal, South Africa and is the founder of Sinomusanothando Community Development that advocates for cancer awareness in the rural areas and townships, she is using her government salary to keep this NGO active. As a medical doctor born in the rural areas of Kwa-Zulu Natal, she could not sit back and watch rural communities presenting with very late stage and incurable cancer related advanced disease in KZN hospitals. Sinomusanothando Community Development i

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  • Thandeka Mazibuko 2013-07-15 12:43:03

    Email sent from DR. Thandeka Mazibuko: Thank you Suzanne for a visit and for such a wonderful interview. It is not easy indeed to be a female with a unique dream and a vision in South Africa. If you are a rural women, you are not supposed to be screened closer to your home for cancer. You have to travel for 2 days in a bus to the town located cancer treatment centers. Women have told us they they are being chased away at the clinics if they come for screenings after 12pm as they are told that their vagina's are too smelly for a cervical cancer screening. Women travel long distances to access treatment care, health education and screening. The health care is not free as they pay exhumation amounts just to go see a doctor who will only spend 5 minutes with them and use an interpreter to talk to them, they cannot even express what they think this disease is in their own understanding as there is the language bearer, there is this horrific smell coming out from the 2 year old ulcer that oozes pus and most of the times infested by worms. As a women if I help these women,I create enemies. You ask yourself, why did I become a doctor if helping is wrong, obstructed and criticized? I am a rural women who has faced so many challenges to be where I am today. From eating rotten bread with my single parent mom, to financial exclusions in medical school, from watching my grandmother die in my hands because the hospital was miles away and the ambulance could not enter our our house as we are at the bottom of the hill, she died because the hospital was far. As the first village doctor, I am overwhelmed with requests, I had to start an organization called Sinomusanothando Community Development which say bring love, care and support to the communities. Bring screening at the community level. Bring cancer care at the community level. Are the rural people okay to die in numbers before we see the need to decentralize cancer resources. Who can come to our rescue us rural women. Who can bring us the education I have been fighting for since 2007. We will hold each other's hands until the world can hear our cry. We will not give up until somebody reaches out to pull us from the dark hole of cancer death, refusal of academic transit in oncology, suppression of our views and wishes as rural women in cancer. We thank you Suzanne for laying a first brick towards a brighter future for our community. Dr. Thandeka Mazibuko

  • Adenike Adeyanju-Osadolor 2013-06-05 10:48:50

    Very inspiring read. Dr Mazibuko is a role model for young people not only in South Africa, but in Africa as a whole and even extending to the developing and developed world as well. Reading her, one sees her love and compassion for her people shining through her selflessness in service. Rarely do you find such a combination of beauty, brains and benevolence. She is obviously comfortable in her skin - who she is, where she comes from and is determined to be an agent of change. I doff my cap to her!