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…, Muhwezi Susan

Senior Presidential Advisor on AGOA & Trade, Hotel Owner & Vice Chairperson of Uganda Hotel Owner's Association

Susan Muhwezi Senior Presidential Advisor on AGOA & Trade in Uganda, owner of boutique hotel. Words of Wisdom: "If you reach for perfection, you will reach excellence. Learn from others. Give what is best of you."


…, Mchomvu Happiness

Coordinator for Women Entrepreneurship Development

Happiness Mchomvu Coordinator, Women Entrepreneurship Development, Tanzania. A perspective on micro-financing what to do and not to do.


…, Asiko Christine

Founder & CEO Strive International

Christine Asiko CEO & Founder of Strive International which aims to build awareness of DYSLEXIA in Africa.


Chekrouni, Nouzha

Ambassador of the Kingdom of Morocco in Canada

March 8/14 Her Excellency Nouzha Chekrouni, Ambassador of the Kingdom of Morocco in Canada, Pioneer: 1st woman to be elected to the party’s regional political board (1999); 1st Arab woman named Vice President of IS; 1st woman with the title of Minister.


Chideya, Zano Florence

Ambassador of Zimbabwe in Canada; Deputy Dean: Diplomatic corps in Ottawa

Aug 29/14 Launch Ambassador of Zimbabwe in Canada; Deputy Dean: Diplomatic corps in Ottawa.


to, Ladies Leading from Advise

African Leading Ladies Share their Words of Wisdom to a 10yr old daughter

Wisdom Exchange TV logo Dec 15/12 Leading Ladies share Words of Wisdom to their daughters. A Christmas gift to that keeps on giving. Special feature.


Nkosi, Fikile

Managing Director, Nedbank (Swaziland) Limited

Oct 27/13 Managing Director, Nedbank (Swaziland) Limited - Pioneer: first woman in Swaziland to head up a Managing Director Post for a International Bank.


Trembath, Jane

International Airline Captain

Jane Trembath Oct 17/14 First Female Pilot in South Africa and & Captain of the first female crew.


Whitehead, Gia

Sustainability Director/Founder of TSiBA Education (Tertiary School in Business Administration)

Dec 8/13 Gia Whitehead is the Sustainability Director/Founder of TSiBA Education, Gia was recognized as one of South Africa’s 100 Brightest Young Minds in 2002. Gia was also awarded Top Women Entrepreneur of the Year 2012 (Topco Media).