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Whether you’re a budding future entrepreneur, or you’re deeply embedded in the fray, you likely know just how easy it is to get overworked. With so much demanding our time and attention, it’s easy to get exhausted. It’s easy to allow the million-item to-do list to overwhelm you. Couple that with the existing demand from consumers that’s constantly diverting our attention, and the question that beckons us is, how do we actually overcome exhaustion when it hits?

If you’re anything like me, then you’ve probably experienced a bit of overzealous enthusiasm in the past. As an entrepreneur, I dive deep into certain projects, not really ascertaining at the outset just how much of me it will demand. But once you’re knee-deep in that project, it’s hard to extricate yourself from the often-frantic situation. As entrepreneurs, we’re naturally inclined to get excited about projects until we realize how much of an energy drain they can become.

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