Briefcase-Business successSpending a lot of time amongst professionals,  not to mention listening to interview grooming conversations with my nephews, I can’t help but share this blog from Leslie Everett a fellow professional speaker and a brand expert. If you are about to go on interview some things to consider…


Walking TALL for Students…
5 Tips for Interview Grooming

Whilst having clean hair and finger nails are obvious there are some other personal grooming tips you should think about before you go to an interview:

  1. Go easy on the perfume or cologne –  you could be jeopardizing your chances If your interviewer has a dislike for that particular fragrance. Fragrance is very evocative and they may subconsciously give you a black mark.
  2. Women should always wear some makeup. It’s been proven that women who wear makeup earn more then those that don’t. However, don’t go overboard. No garish colours or too bright lips. If you aren’t sure how to apply make-up visit a department store and ask at one of the Beauty counters. Bobbi Brown are great at creating a natural look. Choose your counter based on whether you like the way the assistant is made up, if she is very overdone chances are you will be too!
  3. Don’t overdo the hair products and if you do have an “on trend” style tone it down unless you are applying for a job in a creative field. For women, if you have long hair and are likely to fiddle (or hide behind it) tie it back.
  4. As with makeup don’t wear a bright colour on your nails save that for evenings out. Wear a light neutral colour or just buff your nails and leave them natural.
  5. Whilst designer stubble and goatees may be acceptable in a creative environment, if applying to a legal practice or a financial institution a clean shaven look will be probably be expected.

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Remember personal branding increases the chances of being heard.

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