Adeline Palmerston (1)Phyllis W. Newhouse
CEO, Xtreme Solutions, Inc.
Atlanta, Georgia, USA

What was the defining moment when you realized your business was on a fast growth trajectory?
My defining moment was winning a contract that I did not expect to  win and not having the staff in place to execute the contract. I needed capital to invest in the talent.

To what do you attributes your success?
I think it’s my leadership style.  I lead, but I empower others to lead as well.

What is your number one strategy that accounts for your success in business?
My strategy is teamwork.  I think when you build teams, you are able to build the business. I think keeping your processes updated and your team productive helps, too.

What is one thing you wish you did differently in growing your business?
Ask for help early on. Give myself permission to make mistakes.

What is your one tip to others for growing a business? 
Don’t focus only on the  growth of the business – Develop your team, and the business will grow.

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