stacey 50 fStacey Rock
President, Solvix Solutions LLC
Marlton, New Jersey, USA

What was the defining moment when you realized your business was on a fast growth trajectory?
We knew we had something special as we were winning bids with the government rather easily. We knew that we needed to build a team to allow our company to continue to grow and develop new opportunities as our new staff would maintain our business that we developed.

To what do you attribute your success?
Our success is attributed to our knowledge of our industry, as well as our close relationships with clients and key strategic partnerships with manufacturers and distribution partners.

What is your number one strategy that accounts for your success in business?
Our main strategy was to stay thin on overhead and provide the best value that can be provided. This has allowed us to be aggressive on our pricing, which has created great opportunities

What is one thing you wish you did differently in growing your business?
I wish we’d started it sooner.

What is your one tip to others for growing a business?
Stay thin, don’t panic, and do what you believe is best.

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