Mary Ogalo, an Ignite Excellence Foundation Recipient and now graduate invests in her community by taking a management position with ‘Global Bag Project.’

An Ignite Foundation Special Presentation.

An update on past Foundation Scholarship recipient Mary Ogalo, now Kenya Project Manager for Global Bag Project in Nairobi Kenya.

The Global Bag Project is a US based non-profit social enterprise that donates the proceeds from the sales of reusable shopping bags in the developed world to microcredit ventures in the emerging world.

The aim of the Global Bag Project is to finance micro-credit loans which help local entrepreneurs support their families with small businesses, provide basic amenities and send their children to school. Micro-credit finance has a good reputation so far, with 96-98% of people repaying their loans weekly or monthly. Many workers of the project hail from the Kibera slum – one of the largest in Africa — and are either HIV/AIDS positive and are still managing their jobs despite this. They are entitled to a fair wage and this allows them to provide for their families.

For more info please visit: or email Mary

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