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Since the inception of the Ignite Excellence Foundation in April 2007 we have made some strides to develop the women leadership in Africa.

Briefcase-Business successWe have sponsored two potential women leaders through post-graduate education through the sales of photography.
We have donated the time and resources to train nearly 100 people in influential communication skills so they can present their messages with impact.
•  We have created and executed the first ever Ignite Excellence Conference to raise funds for the Leah Ngini Community Centre in Nairobi, Kenya. This initiative could have only been possible due to the generous nature of all the speakers, entertainers, hotel, audio- visual company, and volunteers to execute this first time event. Much of the Centre will address the women issues that plague the continent while providing education so more women can have an environment that supports their pursuit of post-graduate education.
That is what we did. Now what are the results?
•  What we do know, is Mary, who received Ignite Excellence scholarship, has since graduated and now is giving back to women in her community with the Global Bag Project, a microfinance initiative.
•  After presentation training, we know Samuel, a program participant, went to raise funds and later wrought a book on how to save a human race in the Congo. Samuel has since travelled to Europe and United States speaking on pygmies plight.
•   We know Christi has started a coaching program to assist African’s, in particular women, with setting and achieving their goals.
•   We know that a Alice has taken greater leadership within a group who’s mandate is to help street walkers get off the street, and continues to do just that with much success.

These are just some of the rippling effects achieved by providing just one person a skill, or a scholarship.

In the Ignite Excellence Foundation blog (www.igniteexcellencefoundation.org) we will follow the most recent donation from the foundation made possible by Ignite Excellence Conference. We donated $26,000 to Leah Ngini Community Centre and we will provide a $4,000 scholarship to a future leader. My husband and I will follow that investment on the ground in Africa. We will be selecting a woman to receive the scholarship and watch as the Leah Ngini Centre comes to fruition.

This blog will follow all donations and keep you apprised of the investments and results. All donators, if they desire, will be listed on this site under ‘donors’. It is important for us to let you know where your money is being invested and the difference it makes. I assure you, the money will always be inline with the foundation mandate – to invest, inspire and develop women leaders of today for tomorrow. Primarily through post –graduate education.

Please join us on the journey of co-creating a rippling effect through Leadership, advocacy and education.


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