suzanne f stevensSuzanne F. Stevens, CSP

Conscious-Contribution™ Cultivator
Professional Speaker | Social Entrepreneur | Host | Philanthropist | Author

Suzanne F. Stevens ignites a culture where your contributions count • for you • your company • your community.

CSP logoCSP – Certified Speaking Professional – this is the only earned designation for professional speakers. Only 15% of speakers have this designation internationally.
Suzanne F. Stevens is one of only sixty-five Canadians who currently holds this designation for speaking excellence.

Suzanne is a  professional speaker, social entrepreneur, host, philanthropist, and soon to be an author. In 2016, thirteen years after founding and leading the Ignite Excellence Inc. Group as President and CEO, she rebranded the organization to The YouMeWe Group. She previous focusing on influencing, differentiating and engaging more people and more business. YouMeWe Group’s primary focus is to celebrate, cultivate and co-create conscious-contributions™.

Suzanne and her husband (Michael K. Gingerich), travelled to seventeen African countries interviewing over seventy African women pioneers for This pioneering initiative and, which provides tertiary education scholarships to women in developing countries, were the catalyst for Suzanne to receive a TIAW, World of Difference Award for women economic empowerment in education.

In each interview, a pioneering woman shared how she consciously contributes to society. Their collective insights inspired The YouMeWe Group.

The YouMeWe Group is a social enterprise, movement, foundation, mindset and soon to be a book.

Suzanne is most gratified by her investment in leaders, and watching them fill a gap in society that creates a ripple effect to impact hundreds or thousands. She is most energized by travelling to over 60 countries with her backpack to explore cultures, interview trailblazers and navigate the road less travelled with her husband.

tiaw logoSuzanne is a recipient of The International Women Alliance (TIAW), World of Difference Award in education – recognized for empowering women internationally.


Host, Producer & Philanthropist

suzanne f stevens interviewingIn 2011, while in her mid-forties, Suzanne and her husband sold most of their worldly possessions and reorganized her internationally acclaimed training business to follow a passion of women empowerment.

For nearly two years they backpacked through seventeen Eastern and Southern African countries interviewing pioneering women leaders for Wisdom Exchange TV. Suzanne pioneered Wisdom Exchange TV ( as a philanthropic initiative. As host and co-producer of the first African women focused web-enabled platform, the goal was to provide a resource to educate, cultivate and inspire future African women leaders.  Suzanne and Mike, have interviewed 70+ African pioneering women. Wisdom Exchange TV has a global reach, having been viewed in 77 countries and growing.

In 2007, Suzanne founded the YouMeWe Foundation ( Its mission is leadership, advocacy, and education; the vision is to invest, inspire, and develop women leaders in emerging countries. Amongst many contributions, the foundation’s primary focus is providing tertiary education scholarships to prospective women leaders in emerging countries. As of 2016, the foundation has awarded 26 scholarships to young women in Sub-Saharan Africa.


An International Speaker

suzanne f stevens professional speaker

Suzanne F. Stevens,  Conscious-Contribution™ Cultivator who is a social entrepreneur, host and philanthropist. As a Certified Speaking Professional (CSP), she has worked with companies on five continents since 2000. In every keynote, session or capacity building program, Suzanne brings her audiences to the front row by using a customized approach, her entrepreneurial experience, vast international adventures, human observations, slice of humor, and interactive process to get the audience to explore the What if?

In Suzanne’s interactive high-energy engagements, she transforms the audience’s perspective on how to implement conscious-contributions™ consistently for your company, in the community, and beyond. Resulting in maximizing personal meaning; while attracting, engaging, and retaining colleagues, customers, and collaborators – profitably.

Suzanne ignites a culture where your contribution counts • for you • your company • your community. 

Keynotes, capacity building programs, online training academy  (all links will be opened in a new window at – Wisdom Exchange Tv is part of the YouMeWe Group).


Founder, YouMeWe – a Social Enterprise

youmewe logo

While interviewing over seventy African women pioneers, Suzanne and her husband, Michael, realized how each woman shared a similar philosophy: leaving a legacy is not a stage in life, but a way in which you live your life. This philosophy inspired them to develop YouMeWe Group, a social enterprise.

They work with individuals and organizations to make your contribution count by embracing a conscious-contributions™ philosophy and employing conscious leadership techniques.

Solutions include:

  1. Individuals seeking a more meaningful life are provided with tools and strategies to tap into their purpose and passion to execute.
  2. Those already pursuing their aspiration and/or are leading a business having a social impact, are provided with conscious leadership skills and collaborative strategies to amplify their influence by creating opportunity and not dependency.
  3. Well-established business having a social impact will be provided with influential communication techniques to create a sustainable environment while accelerating their positive ripple effect.
  4. Organizations aspiring and incorporating conscious-contribution™ guiding values of: Empowerment, Inclusion, collaboration, contribution, consistency, consciousness, caring, and courage will be encouraged to participate in the YouMeWe Community where they will be celebrated through many interactive vehicles.

A portion of YouMeWe Group profits supports – providing tertiary education scholarships for women in developing countries.


Author – YouMeWe: make your contribution count (coming soon)

youmewe make your contribution count bookYouMeWe, the book takes the reader on a journey of exploring their purpose and how to achieve their full potential through conscious contributions™. Via the backpack of the author, Suzanne F. Stevens, and her husband, Michael K. Gingerich, the reader is transported through seventeen African countries.

Suzanne and Mike were both inspired and discouraged as they experienced the real impact of local and international contributions across the continent when they travelled through 17 countries in 2011/12. Suzanne shares perspective on how to align your purpose with your contribution to society; how to ensure your contributions promote opportunity not dependency; and how to collaborate and use conscious leadership skills to promote sustainability.

The reader will have a clear path on how to:

  • Live your most meaningful life by unleashing your passion and purpose
  • Consciously examine your contribution to ensure it is achieving the desired impact
  • Create an environment to sustain and amplify the impact or your contribution


CEO and Founder of International Training Organization

ignite excellence inc. logoIgnite Excellence Inc..  is an internationally acclaimed training organization specializing in influential communications for leaders, business and sale professionals. Ignite Excellence’s extensive training programs focus on how to influence, differentiate and engage more people and winning more business. Over the past thirteen years, Suzanne and her team have trained on 5 continents to several fortune 500 companies. Ignite Excellence expanded their in-class training to online solutions providing affordable access to local and emerging markets. IgniteMe.

As an influential communications expert, Suzanne shares strategies and techniques to understand how people make decisions in order to create collaborative cultures. These techniques can be applied across cultures and generations. Capacity Building Programs. Ignite Excellence Inc. is the operating company for YouMeWe. All programs offered can be found through YouMeWe Group.

Ignite Excellence diverse client list included:

Suzanne’s diverse clients include companies such as: Astral Media, Boehringer Ingelheim, Canadian Paraplegic Association, Canadian Standards Association, Desjardins, GE Capital, Golder Associates, International Federation of Consulting Engineers (FIDIC), MasterCard, Nedbank, RBC, Vizada Satellite, Metro Toronto Convention Centre, Meeting Planners International, SWIFT (Swaziland Fair Trade), CCAfrica, Rooftops Canada, Africa International University, and many more.


Conference Producer

youmewe conferenceSuzanne hosted the first Ignite Excellence Conference in 2010. This fund raising initiative brought together Canadian women from across Canada to hear some of Canada’s top women speakers. Thirty thousand dollars was raised, with all the proceeds donated towards scholarships for perspective women leaders in Africa. The Conference names has changed to the YouMeWe Conference. To register for the next even visit: YouMeWe Conference.


Board Member

caps logoSuzanne was the 2017 National President for the Canadian Association of Professional Speakers (CAPS). She has served on National Board for six years.  She also served as a Board member for the Global Speaker Federation. (CAPS: 


Adventure Traveler & Photographer

suzanne f stevens kilimanjaroSuzanne has traveled extensively to over 60 countries and counting, often alone, and often taking the-road-less-traveled. During 2011/12 Suzanne and her husband, Michael K Gingerich, embarked on a journey through 19 countries working side-by-side, 24/7, usually one room! They interviewed pioneering African women in seventeen African countries for Wisdom Exchange TV.