About Wisdom Exchange Tv …

Wisdom Exchange Tv is part of the YouMeWe Social Impact Group.

The YouMeWe Social Impact Group is a  social enterprise and movement focused on celebrating, cultivating, and co-creating conscious-contributions ™ to the community The YouMeWe mindset’s foundation is the belief each of us has a responsibility to uplift the life of another. To act on that duty, we need to consider our impact and how to make that contribution sustainable. Through our consistent conscious-contributions™, we will live our most meaningful life.

YouMeWe mindset is woven into all keynotes, training programs,  sessions, events, resources, and the movement.

Suzanne F. Stevens provides global solutions to cultivate conscious-contributions™ to make your contribution count • for you • your company • your community– in effect learn to lead tomorrow’s legacy today.

Learn from Interviews with Conscious-Contribution™ Leaders

Suzanne F. Stevens, Certified Speaking Professional (CSP) is the host of the web platform Tv program highlighting socially conscious trailblazers and leaders who have consciously contributed to their community, country, or beyond. The goal of the program is to share the interviewees’ journey including their challenges, vision, and strategies to consciously-contribute™ on route to living your most meaningful life.

Since 2011, over seventy African women pioneers have been interviewed and share their leadership lessons on how to pioneer initiatives, and be conscious leaders.

Inspired by African pioneering change-makers,  Wisdom Exchange Tv is expanding to interview conscious contribution leaders all over the world.

Let’s celebrate, learn from, and be inspired by those who have created sustainable social, economic, or environmental initiatives.

Each show will focus on understanding:

  • a Contributor’s motivation
  • how they implemented their contributions
  • who it impacts
  • the challenges
  • the opportunities
  • how they make the initiative sustainable
  • and most importantly, the advice they can provide to the viewer to consciously contribute.

These are ‘how-to’ interviews, the viewer/listener will receive actionable conscious-contribution™ insights that will include what, why, and how to create a social impact to empower you, your company, and your community.

Subscribe above to Wisdom Exchange Tv and you will have the option to participate in an exclusive online dialogue post-interview called – MAKE MY CONTRIBUTION COUNT. Subscribers can also become a member of the YouMeWe: Women Leaders Driving Social Impact community, where you will have unlimited access to post-interview discussions about how to consciously contribute sustainably.

WisdomExchangeTv.com is not about promoting organizations, but about individuals who saw an opportunity to make a difference in society. It’s about their journey. The audience will learn the what, why, and how about various opportunities that exist to contribute to a social, economic, or environmental gap.

Listeners will be exposed to successful community initiatives while we create a movement of people who want to be part of something bigger than themselves.

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