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Dr Johnson Musomi and his outreach team at AMREF is making great strides in telemedicine.
Part of the 2010/2011 annual report reads
“After the successful pilot phase, the telemedicine services have been scaled up and integrated with specialist and Reconstructive outreach projects. The Outreach Programme has partnered with Computer Aid International to provide the equipment (Computers, printers, digital camera, scanner, UPS and mobile phones) required to connect a total of 40 hospitals in East Africa. The local hospitals have agreed to support the services through paying for the monthly internet and email connectivity. The following hospitals have been connected and their staff trained since the project started, Makindu, Matiliku, Voi, Wajir, Mutomo, Marsabit, Mandera, Moyale, Maralal, Kakuma, Lodwar, Garissa, Ijara, Hola, Ngao, Alupe, Nyabondo, Kenyatta , Moi, Buganda Medical Centre, Rubya, Kibondo, Mbarara, Gondar, Asher and Yondanos. The DHMTs connected are Makueni, Mbooni, Kibwezi, Voi, Nzaui, Garissa, Ijara. Several repairs, servicing, trainings and consultations have been provided to these centers. “
Congratulations for a job well done. We are proud to be associated with you

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