Amy Tung, Founder, I AM LOVE PROJECT INC.

For women who are restarting their lives to build something better by providing opportunities and extra financial assistance when they need it most.

Words of wisdom: We need to encourage each other. And have the courage to do bold things. Put on our exploration hat and think about different opportunities and not feel we are not good enough to do something or have limited resources or capacity to do something.

Country: Canada


Industry: Consumer

Organization size: 3


Interview with Amy Tung, Founder, I AM LOVE PROJECT Inc; Canada

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Interview with Amy Tung, Founder, I AM LOVE PROJECT Inc; Canada

I AM LOVE PROJECT is for women who are restarting their lives to build something better. I AM LOVE PROJECT provides extra financial assistance to women when they need it most. From workshops, jewelry, fundraisers, to yoga to bridge social gaps and encouraging the community to do the same. Most recently they creating employment for those overcoming mental health and additions. Pieces from the I AM LOVE jewelry collection are handmade by individuals struggling with addiction, mental health, and disabilities —giving opportunity, stability, new skills, and hope. Most importantly, we hope to assist in their transition back into the community as active members. Amy Tung is the recipient of the MB150 Medal, selected as a 2018 CBC Manitoba Future 40, named a Winnipeg Blue Bombers Community hero, made a finalist of Future Leaders of Manitoba 2019. I AM LOVE has raised over $45,000 for our community in the 18 months since launching the business after starting with nothing. Amy is a visible minority, a solo mom, and an entrepreneur. She works as a Peer Support Worker at Peer Connections Manitoba; she is a member on the Board of Epic Opportunities at Communications & Education Coordinator at Peer Connections Manitoba; a Peer Support Trainer at Robyn Priest Live Your Truth. In addition, Amy is a community advocate and loves to share her lived experiences to empower those around her. Here’s to living a life full of courage, empathy, and empowerment.

United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goal(s) addressed:
#1. No Poverty, #3. Good Health and Well-being, #5. Gender Equality, #8. Decent Work and Economic Growth, #10. Reduced Inequalities

Social impact:
We exist to spread the importance of helping others – what affects one affects all of us. We’re changing the lives of women facing barriers to employment by bringing them back into the workforce, and empowering them to grow, thrive, and contribute to their communities. We consciously source materials and employ designers and artisans to provide employment and income opportunities to those in transition periods in their lives – like those struggling with their mental health or addictions, those who are disabled, or those willing and able to work. Beyond the individuals we are providing with economic opportunities, we also want to encourage and challenge other organizations to employ those facing adversity – with fair wages for their work – and commit to propelling these individuals forward on a better path. We imagine a world where businesses show concern beyond their bottom line and create work and start projects with their social impact in mind. We measure our impact through how many jobs we can create – and we implore other organizations to do the same.


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