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Today, I’d like to offer my appreciation for those of you in the teaching profession. Yes, teachers, tutors, lecturers, coaches, trainers in all their capacities and levels.
First, to appreciate the patience and understanding to the less knowledgeable in society in the effort to impart skills and knowledge. These are gifts that those in the teaching profession who practise them make it a very noble Profession. Numerous teachers in the world never gave up on the ability to learn and that’s the reason some of us can articulate our visions and missions.
Secondly the innovation and creativity that exisiting in delivering content to students and learner worldwide. No matter how many times it is taught in majority of cases the content becomes appealing to them. Within minutes teachers can present the same idea to different learning groups to achieve the same objective.
Thirdly today i salute the teaching profession for remaining noble to the task of producing all other professions. We stumble on them, unappreciate them, forget them perhaps and above all ignore the greatest contribution they play in society.
Celebrate a Teacher today!

Originally posted on Muhunyo Gladys's Blog by muhunyogn.