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B the Change Weekly: October 18, 2019

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B Corp Honest to Goodness is an organic and natural food supplier that operates as a wholesaler, distributor and online retailer.

By joining the community of Certified B Corporations, businesses of all sizes create positive impact every day — and the ripple effects of that impact bring other companies into the fold. For Best For The World: Changemaker honoree GloryBee, serving as a source of inspiration and education on how to be a force for good is a natural (and sweet) byproduct of its work.

“Being a B Corp has provided us with benchmarking to validate and shine a light on our business practices, especially around ethics and sustainability,” says RaeJean Wilson, GloryBee’s senior executive vice president. “This helps us to align with like-minded organizations who are interested in doing business with companies that make the world a better place.”

This week in B The Change we share how GloryBee and other B Corps demonstrate that positive impact can multiply when they work together as a force for good.

How to Be(e) a Force for Good

From its origins in 1975 as a family-owned honey stand, GloryBee has grown into a supplier of honey, beekeeping products, soaps, and other natural foods and sweeteners and a 2019 Best For The World: Changemaker honoree. The Eugene, Oregon-based company leads by example through its supplier code of ethics that requires business partners to follow practices that align with B Corp values.

Learn more on B The Change about GloryBee’s impact strategies that all businesses can follow to be a force for good.

Building an Impact Fund, One B Corp at a Time

With quantifiably achieving and improving positive impact is built into its foundation, The Builders Fund earned Best For The World honors for the fourth year in a row, largely because of the scalable, positive solutions pursued by the companies in which it invests — two of which are Best For The World this year, too.

On B The Change, learn more about this B Corp’s vision to make meaningful capital investments into responsibly run businesses and how this will help create a more sustainable, systems-aware financial services sector responsible to the full spectrum of stakeholders.

A Shared Goal: Be the Best For The World

The 89 B Corps in Australia and New Zealand named as 2019 Best For The World honorees represent a variety of industries — from apparel to recycling, from accounting to digital services. They also show that considering all stakeholders in business decisions is a winning strategy that creates positive impact for all.

B Corp honorees based in Australia and New Zealand share their top-rated business practices and plans for continued improvement and collaboration on B The Change.

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Here’s your chance to catch up on all the good stuff we shared this week:

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