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Next month’s annual gathering of Certified B Corporation leaders and partners offers more than a chance to connect and learn. At the 2019 Champions Retreat, set for September 16–18 in Los Angeles, leaders from organizations that use business as a force for good will come together to collaborate and inspire, using that time as a springboard for their work toward creating a more inclusive and regenerative economy.

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Here’s a look at all the good stuff we shared last week:

Convening Conversations to Build Industry with Purpose: How Chandos Construction Is Helping Leaders Rethink the Role of Business in Canada

Food Service That Serves the People: Allison Gibson of Paintbox Catering and Bistro Combines an Employee-First Approach with Green Living Principles to Create Impact Through the Food Industry

Shining a Light on Diversity at Work: UK B Corp Bulb Shares a Snapshot of Employee Diversity Data and Where It Looks to Change

How Business Can Build an Inclusive and Regenerative Economy: Ideas from Bain Capital Double Impact’s Deval Patrick and Patagonia’s Rose Marcario

5 Reasons Your Startup Should Be a Benefit Corp: The Legal Step Entrepreneurs Can Take to Safeguard Their Business’s Purpose

B Corp on Track to Reduce Workers’ Carbon Footprint While Traveling: Better Places Joins Program That Encourages Trains Over Planes

Pisticci: Good Practices Make Good Neighborhood Restaurants: B Corp Grows Staff Loyalty and Draws ‘Green’ Honors While Building Its Bottom Line

An Inclusive and Regenerative Path to Business As a Force for Better: B the Change Weekly

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