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More people are seeking jobs that align with their values and create positive change for their communities and the environment, and more companies are noticing and aligning with this change. By acting with purpose to benefit all stakeholders—including workers, community, and environment—Certified B Corporations are changing the system and shaping an economy that works for everyone.

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Here’s a look at all the good stuff we shared last week:

How to Create Global Impact Through Your Company’s Everyday Operations: Canadian B Corp SureCall Extends Reach Through Social Enterprise Projects

Why Business Needs to ‘Democratize Organic’ If We’re to Achieve a More Inclusive and Regenerative Economy: B Corp Happy Family Organics Offers Programs to Increase Access to Organic Food and Nutrition Education

Put Your Money Where Your Values Are: Impact Investing, Systems Thinking and, Yes, Ethics Can Lead the Way As We Seek to Solve Global Problems

To Rediscover the Purpose of Business, Look to Its Origins: A View for the Future: Emerging Economic Leaders Expand Goals to Include People and Planet

How Corporate Citizenship Creates Positive Outcomes: B Corp Success Rehabilitation Sees Worker and Client Benefits Thanks to Social Impact Strategies

Building a ‘Better’ (Plastic-Free, Waste-Free and Toxic-Free) Business: Kate Jakubas Shares Her Honest and Eco-Friendly Approach to Creating Household Cleaning Products

How Being Human on the Job Can Lead to Business Transformation: Author Aaron Dignan Shares Path to Change in ‘Brave New Work’

Transforming Capitalism for the 21st Century: It’s Time to Upend Shareholder Primacy: Business Roundtable CEOs Should Back Their Words with Action and Create Value for All Stakeholders

You Did It: B Corp Community Holds Business Roundtable Accountable: B the Change Weekly

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