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This Cyber Monday message is a bit different: It offers the opportunity to send a message with our money. By voting with our dollars and time for Certified B Corporations — as the places where we work, do business and shop — we can make choices that align with our values and help build a stronger economy and future.

Learn how to “vote” with your dollars by spending at, working for and partnering with businesses that act as a force for good in the articles below, in our B the Change Weekly Friday newsletter, and on our B Corporation Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram channels.

Here’s a look at all the good stuff we shared last week:

Income Advance Programs: Building More Than Just a Bank Account: B Corp Technicians for Sustainability Sees Ripple Effects of Collaborating on Financial Services for Workers

Gifts That Give Something Back: Shop Your Values at the Holidays: Here’s How to Vote Every Day with Your Dollars and Actions for Businesses That Measure, Consider and Improve Their Impact

From Kentucky to India: Global Impact Through Textile Design: Anchal Project Employs Artisans

A Simple Yet Powerful Way to Make a Difference During the Holiday Season (and Save Money): The Holidays Are the Most Wonderful — and Important — Time of the Year to Support Businesses That Do Good for People and the Planet

3 Lessons from Summer Camp That Benefit My Conscious Business: Finding the Deeper Meaning of a Canoe Trip in the Wilderness

Planning to Shop? Do It With Purpose: B the Change Weekly

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