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Those of us looking to do business with companies that do business differently—that is, companies that consider all stakeholders rather than just the bottom line—hold considerable economic power, and it’s a financial force for good that is growing.

From what we purchase to where we work, our everyday actions can add up to create real change. Read more on how we can make a difference with B Corps in the articles below, in our B the Change Weekly Friday newsletter, and on our B Corporation Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram channels.

Here’s a look at what we shared last week:

A Purposeful Reason for the Season: Oregon B Corps Launch Holiday Pop-Up Store: B Corps Unite to Educate Consumers and Give Something Back

The Keap Candles 2019 B Corp Holiday Gift Guide: These Favorites from Fellow B Corps Make Great Gifts — and Support Companies That Care About Their Impact

Shop Your Values — Online: How B Corps, Including Preserve and Grove Collaborative, Combine Convenience and Sustainability

B Corps Create a Culture of Sustainable Living: And the New Pull Factor Report Provides a Framework to Unlock Brand Relevance

The Refugee Workforce: A Solution to the U.S. Labor Shortage: B Corp Amplio Recruiting Has Placed 5,000+ Refugees into Full-Time Employment

Building Livelihoods for Women from the Ground Up: Carolyn Cesario and Julie Sullivan’s Business Provides Skill-Building to Boost Their Community

Why I Work for a Company That’s Trying to Change the World: CleanChoice Energy Lives Its Values Through Everyday Operations

8 Valuation Categories Provide a Broader Picture of Your Company’s Capital: Use More Than Financial Metrics to Measure the Value of Your Business

Our Community Is Bringing the ‘B’ to Life: B the Change Weekly

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