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As we wrap up 2019 at B the Change, we’re reminded of the small ways each of us can create positive change—day by day and year by year. On a broader scale, members of the Certified B Corporation community do the same by considering and measuring their impact each day on workers, environment and community, and planning for improvement—day by day and year by year.

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Here’s a look at all the good stuff we shared last week (see you in 2020!):

Small-Price Gifts from B Corps That Make a Big Difference: How Your Holiday Shopping Can Be a Force for Good

A Year of Business as a Force for Good: 2019 in Review: Celebrating Major Shifts Toward a More Inclusive and Regenerative Economy

Why I Am Making Christmas Green This Year: How to Give the Gift of a More Sustainable Future

For-Profit Strategies for the Not-for-Profit World: B Corp Phil Marks 20 Years in the Business of Doing Good

AI for Happier Students and Safer Schools: With reThinkIt! App, B Corp OneSeventeen Media Supports the Mental and Emotional Well-Being of Today’s Youth

4 Ways to Give Holiday Gifts and Combat Consumerism: Less Stuff, More Impact: Presents That Act as a Force for Good

Regen Network Platform Pays Farmers to Adopt Regenerative Practices: Christian Shearer Accelerates Shift Toward Positive Ecological Impact

Balancing Profit with People and Planet: One Company’s Journey to Use Business as a Force for Good

Commit to Making a Difference: B the Change Weekly

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