As the global population grows increasingly diverse, Certified B Corporations strive to better reflect and serve the communities around them. Through programs and practices designed to improve and enhance equity, diversity and inclusion, B Corps aim to improve their impact on all stakeholders — including consumers, workers, and community—and strengthen their bottom lines.

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Here’s a look at all the good stuff we shared last week:

Expanding Business Social Responsibility: How Companies Can Morally and Ethically Act on Equity, Diversity and Inclusion: B Corps Expand Company and Worker Mindsets While Also Broadening Business Opportunities

Are Your Employees Struggling Financially? Start with Economic Empathy: How Companies Can Create Trust and Help Workers Build Financial Stability

How Improving Access to Funding Can Help Close the Racial Wealth Gap: Growing a Company Can Transform Business Owners and Their Communities — and More Women of Color Should Have That Opportunity

Moving from Alpha to Beta: BlackRock and the Basics of Financial Sustainability: It’s Time to Go Beyond the ‘Business Case’ for Investment Change

A New Take on Worker Cooperatives: Joseph Cureton Employs Innovative Business Model

Develop the Most Effective Impact Strategies with This New Tool: How the SDG Action Manager Can Help Your Company Move the Impact Needle

Canadian Philanthropy: The System Is Broken: B Corp Phil Helps Launch Study of Not-for-Profit Issues — from Funding to Structure and Beyond

Doing the Work on Equity, Diversity and Inclusion: B The Change Weekly

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