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As more people seek jobs that allow them to create positive change at work through their voices and their actions, Certified B Corporations and other purpose-driven businesses are weaving advocacy into their everyday operations.

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Here’s a look at what we shared last week:

The Earth Group Aims to Change the World Through Education and Nourishment: Newly Certified B Corp Collaborates with UN World Food Programme to Help Children Around the Globe

Patagonia Mini-MBA: The Social and Environmental Aspects of Operations: Part 4 of 4 With Vincent Stanley, Patagonia’s ‘Chief Storyteller’

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Making Corporate Activism Work: 5 Companies Doing It Right: Through Policy Advocacy — from Opioid Abuse to Family Leave to Pesticides — B Corps and Workers Act on Their Beliefs

Incorporating Purpose and Impact Into Organizations: Ellevate Network Kicks Off Building Inclusive Workplaces Program With Podcast Guest Melissa Jun Rowley

Using Authentic Storytelling to Build a Community Around Your Brand: How the Bark Media Team Helps Impact-Driven Brands Share Their Unique Missions

Purpose Is Contagious: Building Awareness of Traumatic Brain Injuries: Congressman Fields Questions from B Corp Clients During Visit

We the Change: Women Together Envision a Better Earth Through Better Business

6 Ways Skills-Based Volunteering Can Benefit Your Business and Workers: Pro Bono Projects Connect Employees With Their Community and Causes They Care About

Small Businesses Taking Giant Leaps To Make A Big Difference

B Corps in Action: Advocating for Real Change: B the Change Weekly

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