Every day, Certified B Corporations demonstrate how businesses can operate while benefiting people and planet—and generating a profit. Now a community of more than 3,200 companies in 150 industries and 71 countries around the world, B Corps show those three achievements are possible through verified standards of social and environmental performance, transparency, and accountability.

Throughout March we’re celebrating B Corp Month by highlighting how B Corps set themselves apart from other companies. Find those articles — and follow all the B Corp Month happenings — on our B The Change Weekly Friday newsletter, and on our B Corporation Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram channels.

Here’s a look at all the good stuff we shared last week:

7 Ways B Corps Stand Out: How Every Company Can Make a Difference and Be a Force for Good: Through Their Innovative Operations and Practices, B Corps Vote Every Day for Stronger Communities

Solving a Global Crisis with Unused Airline Miles: How the Miles4Migrants Team Uses Donated Frequent Flyer Miles to Reunite Displaced Families Around the World

To Build a Better World, It’s Time for Businesses to Redefine Success: B Corp Aliter Networks Champions Sustainability by Reducing E-Waste in IT Industry

Putting the Poverty Industry out of Business Through Equitable Financing: Capital Good Fund Loans for Community Capital Success

Building a Just Business: Our B Corp’s Journey Through the Development of a Race Equity Action Plan

Consumer as Criminal? How B Corps Are Changing the Essence of Business: Learning to Walk the Talk in Search of the Next Generation

How to Give Up Ownership of Your Company in 5 Steps: The PixelSpoke Worker Cooperative Journey, Part 2: The How

Celebrate Making a Difference: How B Corps Lead: B The Change Weekly

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