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Earning the Certified B Corporation label is just the start. What follows is a constant quest for better business through impact strategies built around the areas for improvement that the B Impact Assessment reveals. At B Corps around the world, workers are leading the way by trying new strategies and creating change with and for their colleagues.

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Here’s a look at all the good stuff we shared last week:

Meet the B Keepers: Insights on Successful Impact Strategies at B Corps: Internal Leaders Share Ideas for Employee Involvement, Goal Setting and Innovation

Mission-Driven Women on Overcoming Financial Setbacks: B Corp Leaders Share How Past Money Challenges Inspire Their Current Work

The Benefits of Working for a B Corp: With a Global View of Success, More Workers Seek Jobs with Purpose

Vote Every Day with B Corps Disrupting Fast Food: MIXT’s Focus on Sustainable, Healthy Food and Treating its People Well Offers Roadmap for a Better Food System for Everyone

Something’s Gotta Change: Why It’s Time for Businesses, Nonprofits and Other Organizations to Make Sustainable Choices

We Created Our 3-Year Plan But Nothing Has Changed. What Am I Missing? How to Get Team Members on Board with Company Goals

Building a Community of World-Changing Women in Business: Conscious Company Media CEO Shares Her Passion for Empowering Female Entrepreneurs in the Purpose-Driven Space

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