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What is your company doing to create a more equitable, inclusive workplace? This week on B the Change, learn how Certified B Corporations and other purpose-minded organizations are breaking down barriers for workers and using business as a force for good.

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Here’s a look at what we shared last week:

The Boston Ujima Project: Advocating for Change While Creating a Community Economy: Nia Evans and Lucas Turner-Owens Work Toward a New Ecosystem

The Potential of Impact Sourcing As a Business Model for Social Justice: Entrepreneur Sees Role for Digital Work in Poverty Alleviation

Taking Large and Small Steps: Galileo Continues Inclusion Journey While Sharing Lessons Along the Way

When An Entrepreneur Opportunity Helps Save Manufacturing Jobs: Chicago-Based Nonprofit Connects Companies in Need of Buyers with Network of Aspiring Business Owners

Small-But-Mighty Companies Create Ripple Effects That Make a Difference: Through Innovation and Inclusion, Small-to-Midsize B Corps Are Transforming the Business Ecosystem

What’s the Story? Tips on Marketing Your Purpose-Driven Business: Experts from Athleta and B Lab Share Brand-Building Advice

Business for the Greatest Good: The Importance of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion in the Next Economy: Ryan Honeyman, Co-Author of The B Corp Handbook, Discusses the Next Evolution for Purpose-Driven Companies

4 Startups Using Tech to Improve Women’s Lives Around the World: Female-Led Teams Create Products That Advance Sustainable Development Goal 5: Achieve Gender Equality

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