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“It’s great to have ideals — I’m an idealist at heart — but at the end of the day, it’s actions that make a difference.”

— Carolina Miranda of Certified B Corporation Cultivating Capital

To create change from within—helping people, protecting environment, addressing systemic racism—Miranda and other Certified B Corporation leaders are turning to resources, practices, and partnerships that ensure business works as a force for good. Learn more in the articles below and in our B The Change Weekly Friday newsletter, and on our B Corporation Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram channels.

Here’s a look at all the good stuff we shared last week:

To Tackle Racism and Drive Change, We Must Lean Into Discomfort: How the B Corp Community Is Learning from History and Advancing Anti-Racism Work

How Companies Can Move From Words to Action to Address Systemic Racism: B Impact Assessment Provides a Framework for Evaluation and Progress

4 Ways We Can Fix America’s GDP Obsession: COVID-19 Reveals How U.S. Systems Are Fundamentally Broken

The #NextEconomy Movement Series Begins with Catalyzing Conversation: Building Collective Power Toward Transformational Systems Change Amid COVID-19 and the Racial Justice Movement

3 Steps to Breaking the ‘Fix-It’ Business Leadership Pattern: How to Encourage Authority and Accountability Among Workers

How a Stakeholder Engagement Model Supports All Workers During and Beyond COVID-19: B Corps Demonstrate That the Future of Work Is Now

Danone Sees Long-Term Value of Becoming a Global Benefit Corporation: How a New French Law and the COVID-19 Pandemic Reinforced Its Stakeholder-Minded Business

How Businesses Can Advance Impactful Change: B The Change Weekly

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