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To advance their vision of an inclusive economy, Certified B Corporations consider their impact on people and planet, involve these stakeholders in their decision-making—and often provide products or services that help customers do the same.

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Here’s a look at all the good stuff we shared last week:

Preserve’s Line of Recycled Products Goes Beyond Waste Prevention to Education on Environmental Issues: B Corp’s Mission Focuses on Environmental Initiative Awareness and Action, from Landfills to Ocean Plastic

How Each of Us Plays a Role in Getting from Now to the Next Economy: Taking the Next Steps to Ensure Business Has a Positive Impact

How Businesses Worldwide Can Go Plastic Neutral: RePurpose Is on a Mission Toward a Plastic-Free Future with the World’s First Plastic Credit Platform

5 Steps to Make Your Company’s Commitment to Justice a Reality: How Businesses Can Advance from Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Toward Anti-Racism

Moving Together Toward Liberation: Self-Educate, Take a Stand, and Choose to Act: How to Make a Social Impact for Black Lives Matter

7 Examples of How a Company Can Take Action to Become an Anti-Racist Business: What Certified B Corporations Are Doing to Work Against Racism

For Companies in Crisis, How Important Is Workplace Culture? Even Hard Times Present Opportunities to Test and Redefine Business Practices and Norms

The Journey to Become an Anti-Racist Business: B The Change Weekly

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