At Certified B Corporations, workers know they contribute to a business that values planet and people as well as profit, which creates stronger connections with their employer and their purpose.

These connections are at the heart of the B Work platform, which hosts the world’s largest impact job site and offers an array of tools and services that help connect B Corps with purpose-driven job seekers.

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Here’s a look at all the good stuff we shared last week:

Transforming Education Starts with How We Treat Each Other at Work: How Classcraft Creates and Builds a Values-Based Workplace

Commute Optional: 4 Tips for Building Flexibility into Your Company’s Culture: At B Corp Ellevate, Working Remotely Means Being Fully Present

Creating a Viable Economic System by Shifting to a Nurturer Mindset: When the Hardest Thing to Change Is What Most Needs to Change

Find Your Dream Job at a B Corp: How B Work Connects Purpose-Driven Businesses with Purpose-Minded People

Start the Conversation: Decolonizing and Re-Indigenizing Relationships: Through Art and Words, Kanyon Sayers-Roods Creates Connections

Fight Modern-Day Slavery in Your Supply Chain: More Than 40 Million People Worldwide Are in Forced Labour

Our Community House: Co-Working with a Conscience: With Social and Environmental Impact Features, New Facility Welcomes B Corp and Community Workers

Ethical Fashion Accessories That Incorporate the Sustainable Development Goals

Of Bison and Cowboys: Regenerative Ranching and Holistic Land Management in Northern Mexico

On-the-Job Satisfaction? Believe It: B the Change Weekly

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