B the Change Weekly: June 21, 2019

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Neighborhoods, networks, collaborations — all involve aspects of community, or common interests, that bring people together. In the Certified B Corporation community, that common interest is using business as a force for good to benefit all stakeholders rather than only shareholders’ pocketbooks. By expanding a company’s mission beyond the bottom line, B Corp certification also expands opportunities for workers, customers and business partners and helps them create a more prosperous community for all.

This week we highlight B Corps that bring people together, making community and inclusion a business imperative.

Neighbourhood Group opened its first restaurant, the Wooly Pub, in 1990. The Guelph, Ontario-based Certified B Corporation now operates five restaurants with 150 total employees.

A Neighbourhood That Nurtures

With five restaurants and 150 employees in the Guelph, Ontario, area, Neighbourhood Group nurtures its community by partnering with local producers — farmers, breweries, wineries and other suppliers — for food and drink that are fresh, sustainable and familiar. As a 2018 Inclusive Economy Challenge, this B Corp refocused on its financial services that help workers build a stronger financial foundation and relieve a bit of the everyday pressures that can affect on-the-job performance.

Learn the steps Neighbourhood Group took to improve its employee services and opportunities in this Q&A on B the Change.

Creating Brighter Futures for People Seeking Refuge

Amid a growing global population with increasing urbanization and migration, businesses have an opportunity to embrace diversity as agents of social change. To explore this work, B Lab UK recently hosted an event where panelists discussed how businesses and citizens can help integrate marginalized populations into society.

Panelist Mohib Ullah, a language officer at RefuAid, recaps the discussion and why it has him optimistic for the future in this article on B the Change.

Purpose + Impact = Inclusive Change

Through its recently launched Inclusive Workplaces Program, B Corp Ellevate Network aims to arm managers and advocates — leaders with high social and political capital who are positioned to facilitate change — with the tools they need to bring lasting, sustainable change to their workplaces.

On B the Change, Ellevate shares highlights from its recent podcast that launched the program, which will include a series of events and related content on effective diversity and inclusion work.

PS — You can tune in TODAY to livestream Ellevate Network’s Mobilize Women Summit, where B Lab co-founder Jay Coen Gilbert joins several other speakers in conversations about equity and empathy at work, and so much more.

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