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Kate Jakubas Shares Her Honest and Eco-Friendly Approach to Creating Household Cleaning Products

While obtaining her master’s degree in environmental engineering, Kate Jakubas of Meliora Cleaning Products developed a keen curiosity for how the toxic chemicals in our cleaning products and detergents affect our natural environments and personal health.

Jakubas wanted to see if she could create a laundry detergent, without harmful and toxic chemicals, that would actually get her clothes clean—and it worked! After a few more successful experiments with different cleaning products and armed with her background in environmental engineering, Jakubas launched Meliora Cleaning Products—a Certified B Corporation dedicated to providing ingredient transparency and eliminating the impact household chemicals have on the planet.

On this episode of Grow Ensemble’s Social Entrepreneurship & Innovation Podcast, Jakubas shares more of the backstory behind the founding of Meliora, how she really honed in on her company’s approach to the triple bottom line — people, planet, and profit — and how the company uses metrics and certifications to hold itself accountable. She also discusses her experience teaching this approach to others.

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Bonus Material: Get the Full Show Notes and Extras for This Episode

Meliora Cleaning Products is part of the community of businesses that have used a third-party verification of their impact. Use the free B Impact Assessment to evaluate your company’s impact on all stakeholders, including the environment, your workers, your community and your customers.

Meliora Cleaning Products are people- and planet-friendly with the ingredients list proudly displayed on the front of each package.

Join us for this chat to catch these key takeaways:

  • How Jakubas developed her passion for the vision behind Meliora.
  • The inspirations behind Meliora’s business practices.
  • How the name of her company (Meliora = “better”) serves as a reminder to constantly be looking for ways to improve.
  • How teaching served to solidify the mastery of her business approach to both herself and her students.

Bonus Material: Get the Full Show Notes and Extras for This Episode

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